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There Is A Lot Going On At Panteao Productions

First out of the gate, Panteao Productions has a TV show coming down the pike called Make Ready TV.

Panteao Productions is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Make Ready TV, a new television show that will be airing on the Pursuit Channel and Wild TV. The thirty minute show is based on the Make Ready with the Experts training series from Panteao Productions.

Hosted by Matt Jacques and Ceilidh Jeans, Make Ready TV will be presenting viewers each week with different instructors and different topics based on Panteao’s hundreds of hours of training content from over two dozen instructors.

Matt Jacques, founder of Victory First, is one of Panteao’s more recent additions to the instructor line-up.

“I am excited about the opportunity to expand my opportunities with Panteao Productions. I am humbled to be associated with the Instructors within the cadre of Panteao, and now honored to be asked to help highlight them on Make Ready TV,” said Matt Jacques.

Ceilidh Jeans is the daughter of Bill Jeans, another of Panteao’s instructors.

“What a great opportunity for viewers who might not have otherwise had a chance to take a class and learn from some of these top instructors. I’m excited to join this great team that will facilitate this helpful information to a whole new audience!” said Ceilidh Jeans.

“Growing up in a household with her mother and I, Ceilidh was exposed to the importance of training and the rights of self-defense and firearms ownership for most of her life. We are delighted to have her come aboard as part of the Panteao Team and hope for a long and successful run for Make Ready TV,” said Bill Jeans.

“The show’s primary focus is on the one-on-one training between our instructors and the viewers. If a viewer likes what he or she sees on the television show, we have hours of additional content from the instructors available right on our website or via mobile device. No other show on television has that depth of training content available,” said Fernando Coelho, president and CEO of Panteao Productions.

Fernando continued with, “There are other great firearms related shows out there that cover new products from manufacturers and other content. That’s not what we’re offering. Our plan is to stay in our lane and focus on what we do best: present the top instructors to viewers that want the training.”

As with the instructional videos from Panteao, Make Ready TV is being filmed in HD format using multiple cameras and a crew with an extensive background in motions pictures, television, action sports, and law enforcement.

The show will start airing in January 2014.


Next up, Panteao is presenting an in-depth look at the FN SCAR with Matt Jacques of Victory First who was involved with the development of the weapon.


And finally, you can now watch all of PP’s content on your iOS or Android device by downloading their app.

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