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Propper A-TACS LE Products Debuting at SHOT Show 2014


The A-TACS LE camouflage was first introduced at this year’s SHOT Show and new products in this pattern will be on display by Propper International in their booth (#10764) at the 2014 show. Look early next year for the release of an ACU cut uniform among other products in the Law Enforcement focused pattern.

I know our friends at Predator BDU will have them.

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13 Responses to “Propper A-TACS LE Products Debuting at SHOT Show 2014”

  1. Bman says:

    What all-powerful person has convinced these companies that they will make a lot of money buy making black camo that is more for looks than it is for function? LE agencies are not big on wearing camo to begin with and the units who are allowed to wear camo have to do so sparingly and when they do it normally has to be functional. Many people don’t know it but that is a big reason that OD Green swat uniforms are so popular because they offer a flat color that matches most green backgrounds and doesn’t scream urban commando. I would say multicam is becoming the OD green because so much gear is available in tan and MC but not OD green. My agency has a lot Florida forest and swamp but also a lot of beach sand to the east. Multicam may be a better idea than woodland as most tactical officers don’t have selection of uniforms to choose from on a call out.

    • Dave says:

      I have NEVER understood the black uniform logic when if one wants to fully commit to being “readily identifiable as police”, blue is available. Even if one is doomed to a single “flat” color, there are much better options than black.

      I can’t help but assume these manufacturers are banking on their loyal kool-aid drinkers and unenlightened command with total purchasing power to keep these ideas afloat.

    • zep says:

      “and the units who are allowed to wear camo have to do so sparingly and when they do it normally has to be functional.”

      Then why were all those LEs wearing ACU and Multicam while looking for the Boston bombers?

      • Bman says:

        Perhaps those guys going for the boston bombers were tactical guys in their tactical uniforms. Cant see why they were required to be in their uniforms in the event they located them and had to make entries, do tracking or anything else. As far as multicam is concerned, refer back to the comment regarding it becoming the new OD green. ACU got popular because it was supposed to urban and universal. Given that all standoffs Ive experienced had at the very least shrubbery or decorative plants and bushes around the place which makes urban cammo pointless.

      • Dave says:

        Some were FBI SRT. There was some confusion as to who was who at the boat standoff because more than one agency were wearing Multicam.

        We used traditional woodland camo for a long time because that’s what the older officers had left over from their service days; I’m hoping that is the case with ACU. I’m not saying that the “Superbowl effect” isn’t largely to blame, hope there is a better explanation for “choosing” ACU.

  2. Axe1477 says:

    It will be interesting to see what Crye has up its sleeve on Monday.

  3. straps says:

    Black camo (and tactics and relatively standardized equipment) allow for intimidation and IFF. Military camo has little utility for urban/suburban LE, is also unhelpful in concerns often expressed about militarized LE.

    Looks good to me; looks like it would work with Typhon and Wolf Grey. My agency’s tac uniforms were navy blue. We looked like heavily armed maritime maintenance techs who forgot to don our PFDs. Hated it.

    Ranger/Sage Green still rules the day for urban, rural and everything in between.

  4. Angie777 says:

    One fact of life: “Pure Black” and “Pure dark-blue” are the WORST camo available for ANY engagement. A “HI..I’M RIGHT HERE” shadow is cast under any and all situations other than situations where it is PURELY dark (and I mean PURE) where the operator is using IR-active or thermo night vision and the suspect/opposition is not. This may occur in rural areas for a few hours at night… often starlight or local ambient person-make light is in place.
    My (admittedly short, so-far) experience with A-TACS LE (advanced release) has been spectacular. It is just the right combination of color and pattern for many night/low-light/cement-building ops. I used to use “subdued urban digital” (the boss finally approved it) and it worked pretty well, but with A-TACS LE, I had “foes” walking within three feet of me LIVE in (Simunition-based training and practice) and having no clue that I was there (they had passive night-vision… no active IR emission). 3 runs and the boss make it a standard. In daylight, it works pretty well as too… nothing is going to shield you in an urban setting without some personal-concealment-skills, but this, hey, the better, the better. Hides become easier to find.
    My 2-cents.
    Disclaimer/info: Yes, I am female of a certain team and have accurately eliminated targets/suspects (OK, targets) as required on several occasions. I am the designated long-range shooter for the team…firing much further than most might believe possible. I have no connection to any tac-clothing manufacturer/distributor.