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Did Keen Just Out “Tactical” Tactical Pants Makers?

Check out the Newport Pant from KEEN’s new line of outdoor clothing. It’s a pretty nice set up for a pair outdoor pants. The only thing that might be a deal breaker is the 100% Cotton fabric story but even that has its place.


– Darted knee for articulation
– Double layer panel reduces wear
– Double layer reinforced knee
– Durable double-bound pocket opening
– Extra deep front pockets with large utility coin pocket
– Gusseted for freedom of movement
– Heavy duty shank button
– Opening at lower knee panel for debris exit
– Secure drop pocket
– Wide back tunnel belt loop

Available in Khaki with Olive Green accents or vice versa.



10 Responses to “Did Keen Just Out “Tactical” Tactical Pants Makers?”

  1. adil says:

    Quite possibly! Remove accents and make it NYCO or even a softshell and likely it could be “operator” friendly. But then again consummate professionals (aka actual bad-assess) wouldn’t wear anything that SCREAMS tactical. Nonetheless you could imagine some folks giving up their 5.11 tuxedos!

  2. Luke says:

    pants look good enough, but for that price they might find themselves hard pressed to take market share from kuhl.
    I’ll certainly be giving them a try when I can find them for a bit less.

  3. JPate says:

    Keen has a pro deal for those in the military and law enforcement, makes the pants more than reasonable. As soon as they have stock in my size I’ll be getting a pair.

  4. SCOTT says:

    “Tactical Bad Asses” don’t sit at home making fun of everything solider systems posts from their over zealous anonymous keyboard

  5. anon says:

    Yeah, I agree with the guy that champions Khul, between them and TAD everything is taken care of.

  6. Big_Juju says:

    You can sign up for a Keen “Pro” account here:

    That’s their discount program for “qualified outdoor industry professionals.”

  7. Invictus says:

    As far as “out tactical-ing” tac pants, I think Fjallraven’s Keb pant does that in spades. Flat out the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever worn.

  8. Chuck Mac says:

    Duluth Trading Company = firehose material pants. Hippies and lumberjacks have always designed best outdoor (tactical) apparel.