Photos of MultiCam Black Have Been Out For Months

This summer I was present during the photo shoot for the 2014 Hot Shots Calendar. As in years past, many of teh costumes were designed and manufactured by Caleb Crye, founder of Crye Precision who developed the MultiCam family of camouflage patterns. I immediately noticed a darkened variant of MultiCam on several of the garments. Turns out, it was what is new referred to as MultiCam Black. I’ve had a little chuckle to myself for the last couple of months, waiting to see if anyone would notice the pattern in the calendar. I guess the ladies’ other attributes have had the lads a bit distracted from the minutia of details like clothing.

To get a gander of the pattern in the wild hit the jump.

Hot Shots - MultiCam Black

For Hot Shots fans, there is another interesting artifact on, a signed skateboard deck featuring the lovely Rosie Jones in a familiar Bond-esque pose. Portions of the proceeds go to the UK military charity Help for Heroes.

Gold Rosie

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10 Responses to “Photos of MultiCam Black Have Been Out For Months”

  1. What? says:

    So when do we get to see the other patterns?

  2. PortimusRex says:

    They’re wearing camouflage?

    I was distracted by the… uh… guns…