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500D Cordura MultiCam Black Now Available From Duro




14 Responses to “500D Cordura MultiCam Black Now Available From Duro”

  1. Kris says:

    want the tropical pattern fabric!!!!! if i wanted multicam black fabric i’d dye my own, guess i could just dye it green and it would be the same thing..

  2. bob says:

    I’ll bite. I guess I’m the only person in the known universe who actually likes the MC Black. I like Kryptek Typhon better, but I think the Black isn’t terrible.

    Lots of hate and discontent over these new CP patterns. What the hell did everyone expect???

  3. 10thMountainMan says:

    I’d never buy MC Black for my own use but I don’t understand what all the angst is about. Nobody who follows this blog sees the value of gear purely for its functionality. We think this stuff looks cool, and we feel cool when we wear it. MC black is perfectly legitimate for fighting in an urban environment when blending in is not a priority. If it does not hurt anything why get all bitchy about it.

    I carry a freaking tomahawk into battle for crying out loud. When the Senior Echo questioned me about it before our first mission I responded “it increases my chance of getting a tomahawk kill by 100% if I wear it. It’s fucking science. Leave me alone.”

    Let geardos be geardos unless it is inhibiting their performance or endangering the team.

    • Everyone Else says:

      “MC black is perfectly legitimate for fighting in an urban environment when blending in is not a priority. If it does not hurt anything why get all bitchy about it.”

      Because seeing cops in camouflage conjures up ideas of police states, martial law, and the ever increasing militarization of a domestic police force.

      • bob says:

        Which is necessary in this day and age when our police forces are going up against an increasingly militarized criminal element on the streets (see: MS-13, or Los Zetas).

        I think its great to see cops in badass uniforms. The more intimidating they look, the more effectively they can do their jobs, which is law Enforcement. I don’t break the law, so I don’t care what cops look like.

        Police state concerns are best answered at the ballot box.

      • 10thMountainMan says:

        Scenario time. The cops invade your home with a SWAT team, frighten and endanger your family and stomp on your constitutional rights all so they can kill a baby deer. By your logic that is cool so long as they are wearing the street blues and not a tactical looking uniform. I think you are missing the point.

        That argument aside I really doubt most of the snarky comments about MC Black have anything to do with fears of a police state. More likely it is coming from the gear snob crowd who would still have us wearing the old LCE because everything else is too “gucci” for them.

  4. pbr549 says:

    I have no practical reason to have any MC Black gear, but I wouold wear the baseball cap. I think its a cool looking patern.

  5. kord says:

    Already had a customer request for it 3 min after I got the email from Duro. Needless to say we have 10 yards of 500d on the way. One good thing they didn’t mark up the price, it was the same as the original MC.

  6. lcon says:

    *hums the 2001 a space odyssey overture*