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COBRA HALO Buckle from AustriAlpin and Bushido Tactical


Bushido Tactical collaborates with renowned COBRA® buckle manufacturer, AustriAlpin to manufacture the patent pending Bushido Tactical COBRA®® HALO™ quick release buckles.

HALO™ – Heavy Duty, Aluminum, Low Profile, Operator buckle comes in three versions HALO1, HALO2, HALO3 – two versions currently used to eliminate the front Velcro panel fastener commonly seen in traditional tactical nylon vest and plate carriers.

“We started manufacturing newly improved plate carriers (Guardian & Sentinel) and tactical vest (Itus), including a retro-fit cummerbund utilizing our innovative HALO™ buckles at the requests of many law enforcement officers and operators who were tired of the antiquated system using front Velcro panels. They wanted an easier faster way to get in and out of their plate carriers without having to remove magazines and fumbling with the Velcro flap.”
– Wade Rorich, Operating Manager of Bushido Tactical, LLC.

The HALO™’s slim “H” design helps retain maximum armor protection eradicating any possible gaps, which could compromise the operator’s safety. Bushido Tactical nylon gear incorporating the HALO™™ buckles available December 2013.

• Solid, lightweight aluminum construction
• Slim “H” design
• Quick release buckle utilizing the COBRA® buckle locking mechanism
• Patent Pending HALO2 and HALO3 versions offered
• MOLLE compatible HALO3 buckle
• Available in Matte Black and Coyote Brown

Please note: Their website is down right now due to the amount of traffic. They are legitimate and I’ve spoken with them many times.


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19 Responses to “COBRA HALO Buckle from AustriAlpin and Bushido Tactical”

  1. Matt says:

    Looks chunky. Frag hazard anyone?

  2. kord says:

    I can see this becoming very popular, I’m just wondering how it adjustable it is and if they are considering a polymer version to cut cost and weight.

  3. Epilektos says:

    Cool idea but i really dont see a practical need for this. Also as Kord said, whats the adjustability? Seems more like cool gadgety doohickey than practical innovation.

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    Agree with both Matt and kord. Plastic would be lighter, probably less expensive and less of a spalling hazard I would think.

    Overall though, these are a move in the right direction.

  5. shots&Pots says:

    so edgy and cool guys. Better not wear NODs either, hanging frag hazards right in front of your face, ya dingus.

    Seriously, anything that’s not nylon get’s at least one HSLD operator sperging “Frag hazard” in the comment section.

  6. Slinger says:

    Beat me to it shots. We should stop carrying rifles too as they pose a “frag hazard”… Unbelievable. Great idea guys, keep up the good work.

    • SSD says:

      I think it’s safest to just bunker in and stay home.

      • matty says:

        We can have a nice cup of tea and also do some knitting.

        • Dan says:

          those needles are a frag hazard too.

          • shots&Pots says:

            haha…Made me chuckle.

            • Matt says:

              There is a VOIED threat out there – and it’s so low tech and easy to employ, it’s almost certainly going to be everywhere we are likely to operate in the future and should be considered seriously. The TTPs have proliferated pretty widely as far as I can tell.

              Clutter on your front is not a great idea in this kind of environment – a pistol, mag, or aluminium buckle in your kisser is never going to be fun – in addition to the leg trauma and likelihood of never being a father again. Weapons and NVGs tend not to be a problem as the blast is generally going UP… Finding them again is more of an issue.

              Obviously I’m not high speed, edgy or cool enough. I will however, be wearing my beltkit next time I head out – and I won’t be buying these. Have a good one.

  7. straps says:

    Been wanting to integrate a FirstSpear Tubes type closure into some of my gear, this looks like an alternative that doesn’t force me to buy, then cannibalize a bunch of First Spear product.

    I’m betting that there will be an all-plastic “GT” version of this for the fire breathing skull crushing operahaters.

  8. Frank says:

    They forget to pay their web hosting bill?

  9. Kevin says:

    “This site is under construction.”

    Wow, I haven’t seen one of those for 5 years.

    • We are working on getting our website back up and running as quickly as possible. It worked perfectly until last night, thank you Soldier Systems for the crippling increase in traffic to our website 🙂 I apologize for this inconvenience.

      The carriers and retro-fit cummerbunds come in different sizes and are attached in the back with independent bungy cords which allows for adjustability.

      We have pre-sold carriers and cummerbunds to a lot of departments and individuals who prefer a studier metal buckle over a polymer buckle.

      We have had a lot of inquires about purchasing these buckles as individual pieces, please note that these HALO buckles are propriety to Bushido Tactical’s products only and are not sold separately.

      Thanks for all of your comments and feedback.

      • Kevin says:

        It still looks interesting but it’s still broken, could you get the link reposted when you figure out what went wrong?

        • Kevin says:
          November 28, 2013 at 18:36
          It still looks interesting but it’s still broken, could you get the link reposted when you figure out what went wrong?

          We are working on recovering both of our websites that went down on our hosting server.

          We will have our main training and tactical nylon product websites up very soon. It’s taking us a little longer than we would of liked.

          Sorry for the inconvenience but please be patient with us.

  10. J says:

    Didn’t Ares Armor have a cobra buckle plate carrier at last shot show?

  11. Doc Ras says:

    The price for the cummerbund is way off base! $245 for a retrofit kit? I can get an entire plate carrier with the same tech from Ares Armor for the same price. What a rip off!