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Dueck Defense Debuts New Sights at SureFire Writer’s Event

Dueck Defense unveiled their new as-yet-unnamed sight for GLOCKs at this week’s SureFire Writer’s Event. It features a wide, rear sight with a smooth rack notch that easily catches on belts, pants or holsters when you want it to but doesn’t have sharp edges that catch on everything you pass by or cut you up. I can attest to the design. I was able to rack the slide one handed by catching the rear sight on my gear during drills but it never caught on anything even when I was wearing a hoodie.


The rear sight notch is .145″ wide x .120″ deep with a front sight width of .115″. This leaves to columns of .015″ worth of daylight on either side of the front sight. Front man Barry Dueck explained that his experience is that the wider rear sight is a bit more forgiving as the contrast of the light helps the brain center the sight. Narrower rear sight notches can result in little contrast and slower sight alignment.

Production models will be Melonite coated but these pre-production samples were blued in order to get them on the guns in time for the event. You also may notice that the front sight isn’t serrated. Dueck explained that coated serrations wear off over time on the high points. In the long run, you end up constantly coating them in order to reduce shine.

According to Dueck, this new sight will be offered with different front sight options. I was able to use the fiber optic insert variant as well as the standard Black front sight but there is also a Tritium variant. Look for availability in the next 6-8 weeks.

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4 Responses to “Dueck Defense Debuts New Sights at SureFire Writer’s Event”

  1. Frank says:

    Being an old guy I’ve been through many fazes of stupid. I spend years lusting after Novak sights for my 1911. When the day came (and that day was likely before most of you were born) they were finally installed on the gun. I loved them… until I figured out one hand manipulation of the slide was next to impossible unless you brought a buddy along to help. Good review, thanks.

  2. Justin says:

    Why does that light look skinnier than a x300?

  3. SP says:

    Very much want to try these. Interested to see what effect, if any, results from a lack of serrations. They look clean. Interesting.