Silynx CLARUS Promo

Silynx CLARUS[1]

ATTENTION! End of Year Special Offer!!

Order your new CLARUS tactical headset system by 12/31/2013 and receive a FREE Smart Phone adapter cable! Connect the CLARUS to an iPod, iPhone, or other smart phone device to enjoy your tunes or make calls using your headset.

Contact [email protected] for more information.


5 Responses to “Silynx CLARUS Promo”

  1. Adam says:

    For sale to the public?

  2. Glaser says:


  3. TemplarMedic says:

    “Hey, sir? Sir! Can we hold up on this for a sec? I can’t find my Miley Cyrus playlist, and I just can’t kick a door without her….wait, crap, my mom’s calling, wait one…”

  4. john bon jovie says:

    how do i go about purchasing this as a civilian? their website isn’t known for being a treasure trove of info. i want one – c’mon silynx…help me spend my money by giving me selling your products on your site.

    if anyone knows where a distributor for them. let me know. thanks.

    bon jovie

  5. Joe momma says:

    I got an email based on my comment, responded, and never heard back… think i het a nerve….