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Parabellum Armament Co. – Ratchet Charging System (RCS)

After months of development and multiple iterations, Parabellum Armament Co.’s Ratchet Charging System (RCS) for AK-pattern rifles is now ready for the market. The RCS is a drop-in replacement for the factory gas tube that adds a non-reciprocating forward charging system and true bolt hold open to an AK-pattern rifle. Made from 4140 steel, the RCS weighs only 6.5 ounces, and comes in gas nitrided black. The RCS will be available this January from licensed retailers and on Parabellum Armament Co.’s website.



4 Responses to “Parabellum Armament Co. – Ratchet Charging System (RCS)”

  1. Rick says:

    I don’t think the folding charging handle adds any function, why include it? The only thing I can see it contributing to is slower reloads due to having to hunt to fold it out and manipulate it. Even without gloves on he had a moment of hesitation on both manipulations trying to fold it out. I would prefer a fixed model if I was considering this product.


  2. shots&Pots says:

    Happy to see the industry standard of sending your empty AK mag flying is still in place.

  3. NOLA says:

    1. I am sure the hot as fuck exposed metal tube will be wonderful to rub your thumb on after a mag

    2. Its sure does seem longer to reload it trying to find the folding handle than just doing a cant of the receiver and doing it the normal way.

    I guess its a cool novelty though.

  4. Squirreltactical says:

    Now more places for dirt and stuff to get in to the action. The receiver acrea can handle a bunch of debris in it before it malfuncions; not so sure about the gas tube…