Tactical Gentleman K9 EOD Patch


Designed in collaboration with K9 handlers, the K9 EOD morale patch from Tactical Gentleman is based on the US Army’s EOD badge. The patch is available in OD Green, and is hook backed for attaching to a Velcro loop panel.


16 Responses to “Tactical Gentleman K9 EOD Patch”

  1. Lee says:

    Is this for a dog handler who is/was a EOD tech or EOD tech who is/was a dog handler?

    Don’t all four services have the same EOD badge, so it would be based off the basic EOD badge, since the EOD badge is not specific to the Army.

    It seems it would be difficult for a dog handler to control his dog while RSP’ing a device.

    • Ryan says:

      “K9 EOD” is something of a misnomer; they’re “explosive detection dogs,” they are useful, and techs do get supported by them. I’m not aware of any that are organic to EOD units, at least not in the army. I might get a little miffed if I saw a PERSON wearing that morale patch unless he was a tech because it can be very misleading since it looks so much like a basic EOD badge, but if the dog handler wanted to put it somewhere on the DOG I don’t think I’d mind.

      …speaking as an EOD tech, to clarify.

      • SA says:

        Well put sir! Misleading is probably the best way to describe the patch. It is like an Army guy I had the “privilege” to meet once. He was a disabled VET that had a prosthetic leg with a sticker that said, “IED’s SUCK!”…but he lost his leg in a vehicle accident.

        …also speaking as an EOD tech.

  2. Robert Solesbee says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable, the EOD badge is a very hard earned and meaningful badge and should not be used to signify anyone or anything that had not passed through the EOD school and been AWARDED the EOD badge.

  3. Will says:

    It appears to be a blatant commercial attempt to steal a bit of the valor of those who have earned that badge through years of hard work and training as well as those who have paid for it with their lives.
    Now you too can share in the glory while sharing none of the risks for a mere six dollars!!
    Nice to know that the respect others have earned can be chipped off by this company for a profit!

  4. SFC (Retired) Kenny says:

    If the dog can read and have the ability to render safe an explosive item and graduate one of the hardest schools in the Army. Then yes the dog can wear it but as far as the dog handler “Sit boy , Sit ” now stop trying to be like Mike or go graduate from the school yourself. Don’t disrespect the men and women who have earned there badge and paid the ultimate price in doing so. I think it’s a wanna be trying to get the recognition that given with the badge by the people who have earned it.

  5. Steven says:

    Well I can see a fucking idiot designed this piece of trash!


  6. EODFish says:

    There is one specific instance where I can see a patch like this being kosher and using a crab with a paw on top is not a solution most techs are going to be ok with.

  7. Bill says:

    I’m sticking with “If I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Because otherwise a tirade of profanities would ensue.

  8. Bill says:

    If you want something “based” on the EOD badge, F$#king earn one. Too many techs have died, been wounded, or bled to have garbage like this cycled out into the world.

  9. Clay says:

    I am definitely not happy with this. If I see anyone with this patch, there is a very good chance that a physical altercation will take place.

  10. Dave Guenthner says:


  11. JP says:

    I left a civil, well-spoke comment in the follow-up post.
    So for this one I’ll just say: “F**k you, Tactical Gentleman.”

  12. Joe momma says:

    Yes, physical assaults over a piece of cloth and Velcro! ‘Merica!

  13. Joe momma says:

    How come everyone disregards the “morale” part?
    I know Nolan Ryan is very perturbed by the infamous major league door kicker patch. He earned his MLB patch! and some pansy who spent $4 at a gun show buying a patch which emulates the MLB patch should just go hang himself cause Nolan Ryan and his commie pro ball friends are ass hurt.

    It’s a patch that no one in mil uniform is sticking on their sleeve. It’s a patch that says hey, I’m a dog guy who works with bomb guys. That my first impression. But I’m assuming cause it’s a certain bomb and a certain crab, whatever that is cause I thought it was lighting or something but since I haven’t been to the school I didn’t sit through that class…where were we, oh yeah, but since it looks like a patch that you got learning to cut the blue wire then arghhhh!!!

    • Chris Millward says:

      Joe Momma,
      As an EOD tech I can say the initial reaction to such a piece of cloth an velcro was not much different then many of my fellow EOD Techs. I can see why you view this patch the way you do. It is obvious that you have never graduated or earned a specialty badge of your own due to your lack of understanding on where these passionate commenters come from. If you had, you would understand that there is a nickname for almost every specialty badge in the military. So for your educational benefit I will explain that our EOD badge is called a crab. As for why, I will only tell you to go to the school, graduate, gain the understanding that we do more than cut wires and blow stuff up. That the range of our skills as a career field goes beyond most peoples imagination. I would also ask that before you comment on a badge; that leads to a distinct family; you would have at least googled the meaning of the EOD badge and understand why we revere it the way that we do. “Morale” or not it is theft of our badge and we will state our view. Have a nice day.