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US4CES Camo Patterns Offered To Canadian SOF


According to HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp, the US4CES family of camouflage developed for the US Army’s Camouflage Improvement Effort is on display at the Logistik Unicorp booth # 216 at the Soldier Systems Showcase at the Ottawa Convention Centre today Dec. 10th and tomorrow Dec. 11th. US4CES transitional is not available for Canadian Regular Forces who do not require a transitional pattern but it is being offered for use by Canadian Special Operations Forces. All four camouflage patterns from the US4CES family are on display on their table.

For more information see:
Brigadier-General, Larry Lashkevich, OMM, CD, P.Log (Retired) at the Logistik Unicorp booth or Master Corporal, Matt Pitre, Canadian Special Forces (Retired) at the show.

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40 Responses to “US4CES Camo Patterns Offered To Canadian SOF”

  1. James says:

    Thanks, DoD & DA! Now some of the best camo in the world won’t go to the best Army in the world. No – it’ll go to the guys protecting the maple syrup… you know – America Junior

    • AJ66TEXAS says:

      Say what you will about the DOD makind bad decisions but the CF guys I worked with are some of the most professional soldiers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I just wish they had left their Tim Hortons in Afghanistan up and running. 🙁

      • Norbis says:

        I have to agree on that! Those guys at their school house in Ontario really are top notch, and the mountain cadre are definitely on point. As for TH:
        Je voudrais Tim Hortons aussi!

    • Al V says:

      Dude…opsec FFS!

      If the terrorists knew about the maple syrup pipeline (keystone XL), every Denny’s, Bob Evans, McDonalds, Perkins, Waffle House, Mimi’s, Ihop and a shitload of other fat pill restaurants would fail, the US economy would go over the cliff.
      We would have to sell our sticky gold to the middle east and get them hooked on the stuff or just make “maplepalm” and drop the stuff on their heads and watch as they turn into amber while “america jr” sips on our ice wine and eats beaver tails.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      We in Canada are open to a merging of the two countries but you will have to change your name to Canada

  2. Ron Dignard says:

    This is interesting, however CANSOFCOM is about to receive a fairly substantial quantity of Multicam uniforms from a tender that has been previously documented here on SSD.

    I doubt it’ll be anytime soon that US4CES gets adopted in any significant quantities by CANSOFCOM.

  3. Darius137 says:

    Yes Ron, but SOF of any sort can really do things quicker and more leniently as they are smaller and have better funding. They could pick this up as “General Forces” stick with Multicam.

    Also, James, shut up. They are there with us in Afghanistan, even though they don’t have to be. Not to mention the fact that the company that produced US4CES (Hyperstealth) is Canadian to begin with.

    • James says:

      Haha – someone lacks a sense of humor. Don’t be so dour; you’ll age faster.

      • Invictus says:

        Doesn’t sound like he lacks a sense of humor as much as it sounds like you lack wit and tact.

        • Bman says:

          Come on… James made a funny… Yes the Canadians are good friends and I am hopeful that these patterns can be put to good use by Canadian SOF. However, there is nothing wrong with poking fun at our northern neighbors. I do see how the comment about them protecting maple syrup can be taken out of context though and if that is the way it was meant, then shame, shame.

  4. Canadian says:

    By the way- the regular forces DO need a transitional pattern. In fact colour pallettes were trialled last summer. It is only the money that has dried up, and they are using the same “we don’t need it” excuse they used to keep us in OG107 combats for fifty plus years.

    • BradKAF308 says:

      Look on the bright side I hear we are getting khaki shirts for the DEU’s.

      • Bman says:

        By khaki shirts do you mean tee shirts or will the uniform blouses no longer have a cammo pattern? Please forgive my ignorance on Canadian uniforms.

        Canadian: Good point. When you have someone that speaks on your behalf that also restricts what your allowed to say because they are in charge, often use the we don’t it excuse. In my exoerience, it has always been a lack of good leadership and an open mind to what will be common place in the near future. I think those in the U.S. have gotten wise and just say we can’t afford it although it would be nice.

        • BradKAF308 says:

          Good day eh Bman;
          DEU’s are our dress uniform. The rumour I head was inregards to that. The sillyness of it seemed to match spending lately.
          “Canadian” below seems to have corrected this rumour.

      • Canadian says:

        Nope, not for the DEUs. We are getting “coyote brown” t-shirts to replace both the green (woodland) and tan (desert) t-shirts. As though that matters at all. Of all the things they could have picked.
        They are worn as a next to skin bottom layer under our camouflage uniforms.

  5. 10thMountainMan says:

    For the record, I’m guarding a helluva lot of maple syrup up here in NY. Brofist to my fellow frozen soldiers north of the border..

  6. NT says:

    Eh, it’s only fair. We took CADPAT and made it our own as MARPAT, UCP and NAVPAT. It’s only fair they get some of our prospective material in return.
    …Except Hyperstealth was Canadian to begin with.
    Never mind, carry on. We apologize, Canada.

  7. JBAR says:

    Nooooooooo! Mr. Cramer, send me some products to help the locals see what they are missing! You need some physical presence at the places and with people who matter! Politicians can “volunteer” to participate in a SEERE exercise to see what happens when our guys are caught in the wild. That would get their thinking back on track.

  8. DBACK says:

    HAHA! Yup that’s typical enough! US govt is too stupid to let the Army have a budget to keep its troops safe, so you got to make money somewhere….might as well go to Canada. But let’s be honest, they already have some of the best camo in the world…why switch?

  9. UVRC says:

    Canada has fallen down in protecting its maple syrup (see

    OTOH, they were able to burn the White House.

  10. USMColdawg says:

    Thanks US Army for making the same mistake twice.

  11. Patriot808 says:

    Okay how about this idea. Only combat arms MOS should get updated of any kind of camouflage on the market best suited to the terrain they are operating in. So this will always be a constant update for combat arms MOS. Which to me is good, in case they field another disastrous mistake such as the ACU for example, it will soon be replaced by something better that works. Meanwhile all other non-combat arms MOS will get issued solid colors such as OD Green, Coyote Brown and Wolf Grey. Although my idea might be adding to the problem of being logistically complex. I think it might just be a bit cheaper because most military personnel are not combat arms MOS and solid colored uniforms and equipment I believe are cheaper to manufacture. Plus this idea has the added benefit of showing who the real soldiers are. 😉