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No Love For The K9 EOD Badge

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

We received a couple of emails from readers in response to the post in the EOD K9 Badge by Tactical Gentleman. Apparently, at least one person thinks that SSD created it. Obviously, we did not. Which makes us think that the virtual torches have been lit and farm implements sharpened.

So, the internet outrage offers a good opportunity to discuss this issue. Based on other posts by SSD regarding EOD, we have come to appreciate that it is a very passionate careerfield. These two letters are obviously written from the heart but retain a professional tone; which is great. Not all of the comments on the original post share that trait.

We would like to make one clarification on the post. The EOD badge is shared by all of DoD as a qualification badge and has also been adopted across the EOD community to include civilian LE.

So what do you guys think? Do the writers have a legitimate complaint or are they being too sensitive?


To whom it may concern,

Please remove the K9 EOD Badge from your website. There are no K9 EOD in any of the 4 services. This is very disrespectful to all my brothers and sister who have sacrificed there lives for this country. All of us earn that badge through blood, sweat, and tears. For you to so callously put K9 on top of our hard earned Basic EOD Badge makes my soul hurt. I will be forwarding you website to all my brothers and sisters so that they may openly voice how they feel about this product and its disrespect to our community.


756th EOD Company


I understand the need for moral patches however by using the EOD badge as the basis for their badge (basically removing the star and using a paw) you are taking away from the moral of the EOD tech who earned it, the badge signifies the job of the EOD tech and each part of the badge has a purpose none of which are performed by dog handlers or bomb dogs. I would appreciate the removal of this patch thank you For your time.

RS, SSG US Army EOD Tech.

Tactical Gentleman K9 EOD Patch

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013


Designed in collaboration with K9 handlers, the K9 EOD morale patch from Tactical Gentleman is based on the US Army’s EOD badge. The patch is available in OD Green, and is hook backed for attaching to a Velcro loop panel.

Are You a BAMF?

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


If you’re a BAMF then this morale patch featuring a jaunty moustache from Tactical Gentlemen is just the thing. It comes in Black White and Grey and measures 2.00″ x 1.75″.