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No Love For The K9 EOD Badge

We received a couple of emails from readers in response to the post in the EOD K9 Badge by Tactical Gentleman. Apparently, at least one person thinks that SSD created it. Obviously, we did not. Which makes us think that the virtual torches have been lit and farm implements sharpened.

So, the internet outrage offers a good opportunity to discuss this issue. Based on other posts by SSD regarding EOD, we have come to appreciate that it is a very passionate careerfield. These two letters are obviously written from the heart but retain a professional tone; which is great. Not all of the comments on the original post share that trait.

We would like to make one clarification on the post. The EOD badge is shared by all of DoD as a qualification badge and has also been adopted across the EOD community to include civilian LE.

So what do you guys think? Do the writers have a legitimate complaint or are they being too sensitive?


To whom it may concern,

Please remove the K9 EOD Badge from your website. There are no K9 EOD in any of the 4 services. This is very disrespectful to all my brothers and sister who have sacrificed there lives for this country. All of us earn that badge through blood, sweat, and tears. For you to so callously put K9 on top of our hard earned Basic EOD Badge makes my soul hurt. I will be forwarding you website to all my brothers and sisters so that they may openly voice how they feel about this product and its disrespect to our community.


756th EOD Company


I understand the need for moral patches however by using the EOD badge as the basis for their badge (basically removing the star and using a paw) you are taking away from the moral of the EOD tech who earned it, the badge signifies the job of the EOD tech and each part of the badge has a purpose none of which are performed by dog handlers or bomb dogs. I would appreciate the removal of this patch thank you For your time.

RS, SSG US Army EOD Tech.


96 Responses to “No Love For The K9 EOD Badge”

  1. Matty says:

    I’m not going to lie I was confused when I saw it.

  2. ZB says:

    How many more have earned Ranger tabs and are able to keep their panties unbunched over “powerpoint ranger” tabs being sold? I’ve also never seen anything from an FBI agent complaining about Female Body Inspector logos being sold. Lighten up, only someone with good reason to have it would purchase this.

    • Geno says:

      ZB, This is a misleading patch…. It would be like messing up the bud patch for the seals.

      • matty says:

        If I recall correctly there is a SWAT patch out there that looks extremely like a trident.

        • Ken says:

          Yup. SWAT team from Newington, CT police dept. I would thoroughly enjoy a team member firing off a few disgruntled emails their way.

  3. Adam says:

    I would say it needs to be shitcanned if the EOD community doesn’t like it. It doesn’t seem to actually mean anything anyway, so who is the patch even for? A dog handler would never wear it because he isn’t an EOD tech, and an EOD tech would never wear it because he isn’t a dog handler. What’s the point?

  4. hodge175 says:

    I busted my ass going through Ranger School to see all these dumbass TAbs for everything, also only 28 made it out of 88 in my RIP class. I busted my ass to get to Batt and to stay in Batt. How many wanna be scrolls are out there. I would bet a large some of money that there are EOD units out there using both of those.

    • SSG Chris says:

      I could not agree more. I am B4 qualified Infantryman, I like you and many others have busted my ass to earn a spot in a place thats hard to get to. And we all get people faking the funk and wearing sniper stuff, Ranger stuff, SF, the SEALS apparently are the most faked bunch of folks in the universe…so settle down on the patch, I understand the frustration, but EOD like anyone else thats in a special job with special skills should know; its not about what you get to wear, its about what you do, every day, for you and your team mates, its not about anything external like a badge or a pin.

      And, I dont get a tab, or a pin or a nifty gold star for graduating sniper school…but who cares, I know what and who I am…so do my squaddies. Thats all that matters to me.

  5. Lee says:

    It just doesn’t make sense, I particularly don’t care. I’m just bored right now so to further stir the pot!;) Actually, LEO bomb squads have their own badge which they receive from attending HDS at Redstone, many LEO bomb squads still use the mil EOD badge which is fine by me since they actually RSP devices however as much as EOD does work with EDD dogs It would be akward If I asked a dog handler wearing the K9 EOD patch if he was EOD and then the “well uhh’s” would start.

  6. Sgt E says:

    Overly sensitive.

    Dogs are used, on a regular basis, to find/detect explosives. Of course I don’t get offended when I see some rapper wearing Marine cammies. I could care less. The friends that I’ve lost aren’t signified by some patch/badge, but by who they were. Who they were was a lot more than an EOD patch, jump wings, a CAR, etc.

  7. shots&Pots says:

    Burn the entire inventory with fire.

  8. Clint Slusser says:

    As a disabled vet I remember taking the oath. I also remember that oath containing something about the Constituion. I find it troubling that a fellow service member would actively seek to stop a freedom that thousand upon thousand have paid the ultimate price to protect and defend. We don’t have to like everything we see or every product that is made. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I can see the OP point, but the greater issue is the willingness to deny a freedom to a fellow American that you agreed to protect and defend.

    I have respect and love for all of my brothers and sisters that serve no matter their job, unit, or branch of service. Moral Patches in and of themselves are designed to be fun and make fun of the various duties within the branches of service. If you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at anything. Again, just my opinion and thoughts. Doesn’t make me right and the OP wrong or vice versa. One of the beautiful thing we have in this country in our freedom of expression.

    Clint Slusser

  9. BillC says:

    Well, that escalated quickly.

    As an EOD community, we try to be professional and respectful. However, we are protective of each other and our badge. Our badge isn’t who we are, but a symbol of it, often paid in blood.

    This is just my opinion, but we are protectful of our badge so it doesn’t get misused like “PowerPoint Ranger” tabs and such. The desecration of our badge can ultimately lead to having a lack of respect for it.

    We have pride in our job and each other, and our badge. You can call it being booty-hurt, maybe it is, but at least we can be booty-hurt over something that we value.

  10. onegonz says:

    I am personally amazed in such a quick response in which EOD responded to this…I remember waiting on MSRs and ASRs for hours waiting on bomb techs. Drink water and press on.

    • Norbis says:

      Nailed it!

    • Class03180S says:

      On behalf of all EOD Techs, let me apologize for taking so long to show up and (possibly) save your life. In our defense, we probably had 8 other IEDs, VBIEDs, or Ordnance items to render safe before yours. Have a great day, and remember to hydrate.

      • BillC says:

        Don’t forget the hour wait we do when we are already spun up and ready to go and we are waiting for our security element to show up.

    • JP says:

      That’s because it took your Bn HQ over an hour to pass the mission to us. Sometimes over two hours were lost if there was a shift change on Marez.

  11. EOD Operator says:

    How dare they rip off my support guy badge!!

    • BillC says:

      Yes we know we are support. We know the infantry fights. We support movement to help the supplies flow and the door kickers to kick ass.

  12. JP says:

    I think the concern here is similar to the Explosive Detection Canine handlers of TSA putting a Crab on their proposed patch. Neither they, nor their dog, are capable of disposing of, or disarming a shaken soda can, let alone an actual IED. The dog is an expert at detection, and the handler is an expert at working and caring for the dog.

    Something like this sets the stage for abuse across the K9 community who sees the opportunity for increased sexiness that comes with the Crab. Just like RCP engineers (who I have much love for) who sometime claim to be EOD. It gets a lot more attention.

  13. Norbis says:

    I agree with the other posters; get some thicker skin. There are tons of tabs, scrolls and “operators” out there. As a matter of fact; I heard an EOD guy refer to himself as an “EOD Operator”, he was also wearing a “cool guy” or “smooth criminal” or some other rediculous long tab on his multicams. We all just kind of rolled our eyes and went on with business. Nobody was heartbroken about the tab.

    -For the record, my definition of “Operator” refers to a small number of guys in a small unit. As it was explained in a couple of books you can find at Barnes and Noble. I hate that everybody is some form of operator. Before those guys adopted the term and made it elite and cool, an operator was the person that picked up the phone when 0 was dialed.

  14. JP says:

    Also, while I think the comparison to the Ranger Tab is fair, I think a better comparison would be to the SEAL Budweiser. If the Crab were just a polygon of some sort with “EOD” inside, then it would be a stretch to say that the same polygon with anything else written inside is a copycat. This is an actual insignia, with each element signifying something, like the Trident, or EGA. Think SEALs or Marines would go for this? Would they be too sensitive?

    • BillC says:

      And Bingo was his name-o.

      • Geno says:

        Yup, you hit right on the nail !

        • hodge175 says:

          So putting your units name inside a Scroll is ok though huh, how many units out there make company tshirts and use a scroll for it. If your going to get butt hurt over something, don’t pick and choose it goes across the board.

          • JP says:

            Relax, Francis. I said it was a fair comparison, but putting different letters inside of a rainbow shape is a stretch to claim copycat.

  15. Scott says:

    Since you brought up a polygon with EOD inside, I have to wonder how many of the Army EOD guys that are outraged over this commercial use of their ‘crab’ wear their EOD patch on their sleeve when they’re not actively engaged in EOD activities, similar to MPs wearing their MP sleeve patch when not conducting MP duties. Those patches are brassard replacements, not a part of the daily uniform.

    • ProudTech says:

      Incorrect, per regulations it is to be worn at all times. I understand the confusion, however this is a misrepresentation of facts.

      • Scott says:

        Oddly enough, AR 670-1 (note I said Army EOD in my original post) states:

        “Explosive ordnance disposal personnel wear the brassard while performing disposal activities.”


        “Military Police personnel wear these brassards when authorized by the local commander.”


        “Personnel assigned gas duties in a theater of operations wear the brassard.”

        I guess I missed the “worn at all times” part in the reg.

    • Jon says:

      I’ve had this conversation with MP’s multiple times. We are constantly on duty or able to be recalled. The equivilent of our brassard is more like the lil red patches on the Marine amphibious guys than it is an on duty MP. It is an identification of who we are. Specifically, it was used because before the establishment of EOD groups, no one knew who we were or what the hell our badge was (bomb wings, whatever)…so it was an identifer. When EOD Soldiers are not in the role of an billet EOD position, they should take it off. It is for TO&E 89D/E positions.

  16. Drogue says:

    This was all Brandon Webb’s doing. He decided to transition from modifying North Face logos and helping the Sierra Club toughen up their image to working his magic with the EOD tab. What’s more, he was spotted shooting a selfie at the sewing machine wearing a US4CES transitional t-shirt with marpat jungle trousers and a multicam (black) doo-rag (as if we all don’t know he’s a dyed-in-the-NYCO tiger-stripe loyalist). When interviewed he said 5.56 and 9mm were the perfect calibers for combat and in a blatant act of fealty, the only change he’d make would be to go to a piston gun made by LAV.

  17. dan says:

    Being a Civi looking in on the military in this situation I can not help but find the whole situation odd. The EOD Community is upset that some one made a K9 version of a job patch. It would be like me getting pissed off that one of my bosses decided to give an Editor Credit to their pet, well yeah its silly but it does not take away anything from what I have done or earned and some one will always think lowly of my profession regardless of what profession i may be in now or the future so why concern myself with someone trying to have a laugh at my professions expense. I would think this would be doubly so when youre doing a job that has the consequence of killing you if you are distracted. It does not detract from your ability to do your job so why should it matter if some explosive detecting dogs start showing up with this patch on a leash or other gear?

  18. Shea says:

    “you are taking away from the moral of the EOD tech who earned it”

    Really? Are you and your soldiers so thin skinned that a little piece of fabric can erode your moral so easily? If so I guess all the Taliban have to do is stamp this little emblem on their IEDs and you guys are rendered combat ineffective…

    Having sat through 12 hours of mandatory briefs I’m surprised we can accomplish any mission without some EO/Sexual Harrasment/Suicide Prevention/Resilience training stand-down. Overcoming adversity to get our jobs done IS OUR JOB. Stop whining about stupid shit, man the fuck up and drive on.

  19. EDD Guy says:

    I think another perspective would be from both sides of our civilian counterparts. In many police jurisdictions the Explosive Detection Dogs do fall under the EOD team. There’s a concept I didn’t see many mentions of. Team. Do you necessarily NEED a dog to find your bombs? No, but it sure helps. Many of those units do something very similar though.

    While on a USSS mission to Boston I was given one of these hats.


    The dogs head is above the badge? Is that ok?

    On a similar idea. Many SWAT teams use a badge that’s REALLY similar to a budwesier. I’m not a SEAL but I can’t recall any team guys losing sleep over that? Consider it a compliment.

    Can we go back to making fun of fobgoblins now?

  20. BillC says:

    Hey SSD, hypocrisy?
    K says:
    November 5, 2013 at 00:13
    Kinda off topic, but where can I get those patches in Multicam as pictured above?

    SSD says:
    November 5, 2013 at 01:21
    There is a BUDS class starting once a month or so.

  21. 10thMountainMan says:

    I’m gonna get on the “get some thicker skin” bandwagon here. It is not like this thing is authorized for wear on the uniform. Even if it were, this kind of thing would not be without precedent. The infantrymen were very upset when the CAB first came out. Everyone else got pissed when fobbits started getting them for IDF. In the end the Army gets to decide what things mean and don’t mean. We aught not to let our emotions get so wrapped up in it.

    Then again I still get bent over the black beret, and I’m not a Ranger, and the change happend before I joined. I need a drink.

    • BillC says:

      Dude, I’m with you on the CABs and berets.

      • Lucky says:

        Fuck the beret, unless it’s Marion, Tan, or Green. And as for CABs… I legitimately earned mine, several times over. Why is everyone so thin skinned? Their called brass balls… Get a prescription for Groacet

        • 10thMountainMan says:

          An award/badge only means what the least deserving person who legitimately recieved it did to get it. Your/my CAB for being in legitimate firefights looks exactly the same as the overweight female supply specialist who got hers in the chow hall and didn’t even spill her drink. By the way, I was pretty impressed with my maroon beret until I saw the same overweight female supply specialist wearing that too. Fuck, she had the wings to go with it also! So here I stand a steelieyed, flat bellied, barrel chested paratrooper with wings, as sexy beret, a combat patch and CAB and there stands a pile of shit with all the same stuff on. Perhaps we should put more stock in the flat bellied barrel chested part and leave the badges badges/tabs/patches/hats for the birds.

  22. Chris says:

    This is a total over reaction on the part of EOD guys who commented (not a reflection of the community from the few EOD guys I know). The EOD badge is just a badge and nothing more. There is nothing sacred about an AFSC/MOS badge(the Trident and Combat Rescue Flash are different).

    The more important issue is the concern that this is disrespecting anyone. The badge does not make the uniform. I could understand if this in some way disrespected the uniform and what it represents, but doesn’t. This is about ego.

    Lastly, the paw badge was created by a private individual. This is a privately run website and the EOD badge is public domain (the USG doesn’t maintain a copywrite on it). People are free to make whatever kind of badges they want patterned off of whatever they want. If an EOD tech doesn’t like the badge, then don’t buy the badge and don’t come to this website. Don’t get angry and insist anyone abrogate their right to free speech and free expression. If you do, regardless of your career field, you have failed to comprehend the fundamental tenets of your oath.

  23. oneoops31 says:

    I’m with the sack up and get some thicker skin crowed on this one. I have been in the community for over 20 years I have had my fourth point of contact saved by an EDD Dog a few times. I miss the days when no one knew what we did for a living.

    92240-EOD/10B-97 (A Real Charles County Crab)

  24. Daniel says:


  25. Mike Nomad says:

    Not an EOD guy, so I don’t have a… er… dog in this fight.

    From an outsider perspective, there sure does seem to be a lot of Butt Hurt going around on this thread.

    Y’all that went through the program, wear the patch, and do something that may be one point shy of Bat-Shit-Crazy for a living. I simply, wholeheartedly, applaud and thank all of you for your service.

    You make the patch. The patch doesn’t make you.

    @SSD: Open up another thread to see how the attitudes run on war dogs getting medals…

  26. Mike says:

    With all due respect to EOD troops, let it go. I have to assume you are all actively hunting down the cast of the “Hurt Locker” as we speak after seeing this. It does not cheapen or insult the invaluable work you do.

    • Lee says:

      Actually, Funny story about that! Haha

    • Norbis says:

      Seriously, if anything is degrading to your community, it is 100% that movie and not a patch. That movie was degrading to not just EOD but the Army and Iraq Vets. Uhhh it was so bad, I forgot about it until I read that comment. Wasn’t it nominated for a bunch if awards and hailed as “most realistic war movie”? Terrible. Yeah the patch is the least of your worries.

  27. Fox says:

    Remember that SWAT pin/badge that looks like the SEAL TRIDENT?


    Tell me that does not look similar.

    In the case of this patch, the Badge is copied directly, and things are added. There are some sensitivities, and for good reason. The badge to EOD guys is sacred. That being said, I think the only thing appropriate would be to create another badge (not using the DOD EOD badge as a model) to make a generic across the board badge for LE and other agencies, or morale. I understand the reason for this patch, but it degrades the service member when you make it available as a morale patch. Either put it up the chain for a new badge, or simply go with another design. That being said, I think in this case the only one who could get away with display of a certain morale patch like this, is the dog.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Wow. If I was a SWAT guy, no way would I wear that pin.

      Wearing my Communication Guy hat for a couple of minutes, adding the K9 stuff makes for a potentially interesting distinction: It stops being an Explosive Ordinance Disposal morale/whatever patch, and starts being an Explosive Ordinance Detection patch. The Parachutist Badge is a great example. What distinguishes the three levels? Adding a star and a wreath. Then there is the whole business of adding other stars for combat jumps…

  28. JJ says:

    When I first saw this, I though it was a good way for identifying detection K9s and nothing more.

    The comments above bring up a very good point. I am uncomfortable with SWAT badges similar to the SEAL Budweiser. However, my old team had their own patch and it was irrelevant. There was a time where I looked at the mil dive badges for the fire department dive team. Only because it was already available. They were never used.

    Ultimately I wonder where is the balance? As an ocean rescue guy, is it wrong to rock a regular old trident tat because it’s a Team Guy thing? I sure hope not.

  29. defensor fortisimo says:

    It seems to me that there is a smarter way to convey the same message without stepping on anybody’s toes. We’ve all seen the t-shirts and/or morale patches of a dude in a bomb suit with the caption being “If you see me running try to keep up,” (http://milspecmonkey.com/store/patches/241-eod-running.html#). Simply do the same thing with the sillouete of a dog sitting down. It gets the same point across without all the butt hurt

  30. Stefan S. says:

    Military badges, insignia, tabs are earned and represent more to the individual than a civilian understands. I think the badge is ridiculous. I’m not EOD but because dogs have been jumped doesn’t mean I want a “puppy paratrooper badge” either.

    • SSD says:

      Well…they have actually jumped

      • Fox says:

        SSD has a point here…A standard met is a badge earned. Not to go all PETA soapbox here, but I consider war dogs to be soldiers, as I am sure many other soldiers do.

    • Stan says:

      So you think a Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper who goes to a 6 month stress academy (Think the worse of a military boot camp combined with a very demanding college criminal justice program.) doesn’t value their patches, badges and insignia as much as a soldier?

      • Fox says:

        I know they do. However, I argue they should have their own badges and insignia. Though a few things are similar within the structures of LE and MIL, they do not share the same job or disposition. With the utmost respect to LE, and other agencies, they need their own awards. Lately LE and many others (not including local LE here) have just about outdone the regular Joe forward deployed, in regards to equipment and individual weaponry, as well as the use of Multicam. Case in point- the FBI HRT in Boston.
        they have the “SEAL team six” getup complete from the 416 down to the socks. Now that is all fine and dandy, though the traditions and accolades should be respected, and left alone.

        • Padawan says:

          You should familiarize yourself some more with FBI HRT. They deserve a lot more respect than that (actually quite like “SEAL team six”) and there’s a good reason they rock high speed equipment.

          • Fox says:

            No doubt they are an elite breed. You must have confused my post as disrespect, so let me clarify: If the individual is dressed like a SEAL, Marine, soldier, Airman, or Sailor, but is not actually the aforementioned-does that mean they are entitled to the same awards? I argue that they are not. A SEAL would not be entitled to an FBI badge, unless he passes through Quantico, and in turn, an HRT member would not be entitled to wear the Trident unless he passes through BUDS. (just an example) Hope I am clear in my argument. I am not arguing which Team or service is better. I am saying they are different, and have similar equipment, but not entitled to the same Badges and awards respectively. That is all.

  31. Stan says:

    Those soldiers are being too sensitive. If they don’t like the silly patch then don’t buy it. It’s that simple. For heaven sakes if these people are men (or women) that work daily with explosives they should be mature enough to deal with a silly patch. If not they need a quick transfer to a different MOS because their judgement is questionable.

    As to their idea that somehow the EOD community has a special “right” to that badge design, I question that. Is the design trademarked? I believe Congress allowed the military to trademark its images and logos in 2007 or so. I think the US Marines now have a office at HQMC that’s mission is only to approve license agreements with anyone wanting to use their emblem and name. If the DOD EOD soldiers care so much about the misuse of their badge then maybe they need to go in that direction and stop pressuring the media to police the industry for them.

    Also what’s up with SSD’s new meme that the internet readership is nothing more than a ignorant pitchfork armed mob? They’ve made similar statements here and on their facebook page recently. Is it arrogance or maybe elitism? Has media success convinced SSD that their opinion is of more value than the common person? Hmm…

    • SSD says:

      Why do I have that opinion? Because people want to be unhappy and complain and whine. They don’t even take the time to find out if the thing they are upset over is even a real thing. Read an internet headline and “bam, break out the torches.” They don’t want to actually do anything constructive about it except post their indignation on a website or Facebook page and then, like a mob, it’s all gone a day or two later. Because taking action to create real change would take time and energy.

      I’ve literally wantched companies wait out the 72-hour cycle and laugh while they get even more customers because someone decided to create a social cause. Hell, I’ve been caught up in it a couple of times. Now, I’m trying to give it up. It’s generally silliness.

      Watch it happen over and over. Left, right, center…it doesn’t matter. People are pissed and take it out virtually. Nothing really changes.

  32. Dan. says:

    Lighten up, Francis.

  33. Jason says:

    Remember when people got bent out of shape over the Veteran Clothing?


    I think it was for a good reason: if you didn’t earn it, don’t mess with it. People mentioned the scroll getting tossed around and you know what? Those patches were funny for a bit (and by bit, I mean not very long) but they’re misusing the property too.

    So have fun but be responsible about it. Don’t go rooting around in other people’s things if you haven’t earned it.

  34. SGT Rock says:

    Someone needs to ram in their tampon, quit whining, and harden the fuck up.

    • Ash says:

      Oh, Sarge, you’re SO HARD!

      (Is that what you heard a lot from your subordinates… At night… Whispered in your ear?)

  35. Dr Q says:

    Oy! Fellas, its not what you wear on your shirt that makes the man, its what you do and have done. Shouldnt it be all about how you feel about yourself? Dont allow the satisfaction or pride or sense of accomplishment you feel be diminished or stolen by someone or thing wearing a patch.

  36. Matt says:

    I think the point that hasn’t been brought up is why the EOD crab means so much to us EOD techs. It is the only badge that is the same throughout all the services. This fact plus it’s use with LE bomb squads and even many international EOD techs adds meaning to the badge. In our career field the ultimate goal while in training is to earn your badge. Stories and poems have been written about the badge and every part of the badge has meaning and a background to it, just look up the meaning of the badge.

    The EOD badge is more than just to identify who we are, it describes what we do and someone else modifying it implies that they do it too. After reading through the multiple comments below I understand both sides, but just sucking it up and not caring to an EOD tech is like sucking it up and not doing anything when someone talks crap about your buddy that was KIA.

    In all honesty I would be more ok with the dog having this patch on its harness than I would with the dog handler wearing it. Like someone said above the dog is the one detecting threats and while I have met many great handlers in my time providing training I have also seen some that missed threats because they didn’t understand what their dog was alerting them to.

  37. subchasr says:

    I have no leg to stand on here. The only bombs I deal with are during the 4th of July (firecrackers) and my dog chases sheep. If I thought the EOD/canine patch was cool and I put it on my ninja suit would I be asked to remove it? Just wondering.

  38. UNK says:

    I do not know the original post that the patch was in, but looking at the picture, I would guess this is a law enforcement badge based on the placard in the back that looks like it might say POLICE.

    So there’s a good chance this is an actual badge at a department where there EOD Tech uses a K9 in support of his job.

    I truly don’t think this was meant to disrespect anyone.

  39. Jon says:

    As an EOD Tech in the Army, I know that this patch is for Civillian Bomb Squads. How my fellow techs, active or retired do not see that, I’m not sure. The diplomatic solution is to address it/update the post as “police/LE K9 patch) or whatever. While they are correct there is only 1 authorized badge design for DOD, there is 1 badge design for civilian services (HDS badge), but not requirements for LE to wear that badge or limitations on them creating their own badge.

    We are a very passionate and extremely small community (both in the DOD and LE enviroments) with a lot of people who claim to do what we do. (some intentional, some not) which is not just annoying (because it really doesn’t hurt me when someone says they do what I do), BUT it can also be dangerous if said person actually tries to do what I do without the training required to do it. There is a lot of good training out there, but if you are a DOD Tech you have gone through NAVSCOLEOD, no other courses make you an EOD tech. LE is supposed to go through HDS run by the FBI. So, while this similar to the DOD patch, I do not see an issue with it, if it is addressed as an LE patch.

  40. Resabed says:

    Wait, do dogs work every other day now?

  41. SSD says:

    This is the LEO badge mentioned in the comments…


  42. AUSSIE says:

    LEO’s wearing military inspired insignia is a bad joke in fact the militarisation of your police forces is a bad idea and your citizens are suffering accordingly!

    • Buckaroomedic says:


    • Joe momma says:

      Not this shit….

      So next time there’s a suspicious package at your child’s elementary school which had a recent bomb threat, you don’t want them to call a LE detection dog or bomb squad? Yep, let’s wait for the military to show… Or, good thing the military was there in boston….but let’s not get off topic here

      +1,000,000 for nut the fuck up and move on. So much butt hurt and time wasted over a freagin patch! I wear a “regular guy” tab. And I’ve earned the shit outta that! Like someone said its a piece of cloth with a picture and some writing. Would you have the same feelings and back me if I got my tac panties on a wad cause someone had a beer police t shirt on? Or that cop stripper? I went to a year long police academy (like stated above as far as mix if physical and massive amounts of scholastics) to earn my peace officer title. That stripper who is obviously not authorized to enforce any sort of noise ordinance violations based off a supposed complaint, will you back my protest of them? They can be fire fighters all they want since that only requires a pulse, but I earned my badge!

  43. james says:

    This is such a non issue. I have been military EOD for 14 years and I am also a current police K9 handler. I have never understood the importance people place on badges and scrolls etc. Who cares what a private citizen made and is trying to sell. I have always valued the silent professional way of doing buisness but it seems everyone wants something that they can sow onto thier uniform to tell the world “Hey look at me I’m special!” You can always spot an EOD tech because they will have the EOD Badge tattooed, sown or velcroed on them in no less than 3-5 different places. I miss the days when we were a small career field and nobody knew who we were.

  44. Dog Off Leash says:

    The only place I see this patch fitting is for the EOD techs who also work a detection dog. Otherwise, us K-9 types have a few K-9 specific patches to choose from for morale/identification purposes.

    I can understand the anger from the EOD community over the way this patch was done. My personal feelings on it are that unless you’re an EOD Tech who put in the effort to earn your Crab, one has no business wearing this patch. I lump in in the same category as the EGA, the SEAL Trident, etc. – if you didn’t earn it, why would you wear it?

    • Lee says:

      “if you didn’t earn it, why would you wear it?” BOOM there it is!

      If anyone wants to wear it, go for it, look like a tool won’t hurt my feelings.

  45. jjj0309 says:

    Remind me of Medal of Honor ‘OPFOR’ incident back in 2010.

  46. Will says:

    EOD techs are brought up through their services selection process & NAVSCOLEOD and their respective service specific career fields with a reverence for the EOD as it is a badge that also honors those that have come before us & died in duty.

    Therefore ANY defacing, un-earned wearing and otherwise dis-honoring of the EOD badge provokes a very PASSIONATE response.

    It is perceived as especially insulting when placing anothers’ specialty or symbol ON TOP OF the EOD badge.

    The Meaning of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

    The Wreath
    Symbolic of the achievements and laurels gained minimizing accident potentials through the ingenuity and devotion to duty of its members. It is in memory of those EOD officers and men who gave their lives while performing EOD duties.

    The Bomb
    Copied from the design of the World War II Bomb Disposal Badge, the bomb represents the historic and major objective of the EOD attack, the unexploded bomb. The three fins represent the major areas of nuclear, conventional and chemical/biological interest.

    Lightning Bolts
    Symbolize the potential destructive power of the bomb and the courage and professionalism of EOD personnel in their endeavors to reduce hazards as well as to render explosive ordnance harmless.

    The Shield
    Represents the EOD mission – to prevent a detonation and protect personnel, the surrounding area and property to the utmost.

    Please don’t obscure or deface the EOD badge.

    • CP says:

      I will back up my fellow EOD Techs on this. I stumbled on this after a google search that used EOD as a keyword. I will not support the misuse of or unauthorized wearing of the EOD badge or any altering of it. Just have respect and if you are not a part of our community then your opinions on this topic are invalid.