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Honor Point USA ZOT ZERO +


Honor Point has released images of their new ZOT ZERO + admin pack. Integrating their Zip Off Technology, it’s built on the same frame as the ZOT ZERO. Its designed as a multi-functional, low-profile, lightweight pack, with additional customization options when compared to the original ZERO.

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16 Responses to “Honor Point USA ZOT ZERO +”

  1. John Stamos says:

    This is so clearly a GORUCK rip-off it’s not even funny. The gyts of this bag are far inferior to GORUCK’s bags and the zipper looks like it will fall off the moment it gets wet.

    Sad attempt.

    • SSD says:

      I’ll post this one more time…

      Goruck didn’t invent the 3-day pack, they just succeeded in convincing hipsters that they needed to pay too much for one.

      The 3-day pack goes back to a Lowe Alpine Systems design from the 1980s. SOF started buying them and then had other companies make them. By the late 90s it was a commodity item. Everyone makes them. This one happens to be both Berry compliant and inexpensive.

      And I’ll add this…

      If you own a Goruck you might just be a douchebag.

      • C.B. says:

        Nailed it.

      • Jonathan says:

        You’re right, GORUCK did not invent the 3 day pack. HOWEVER, this one clearly has similaries that I haven’t seen on others. As far as price, you get what you pay for (this is generalized as I have no experience with this company). GORUCK makes bomb proof stuff, as does Granite Gear, Eberlestock, Kifaru, and Mystery Ranch. I have no problem paying more for something that I know I can rely on. And no, I’m not a hipster.

        • BM says:

          Can you expand on the offending similarities please?

          I am failing to see them.

          If you ask me the GORUCK entered a very full market and well and truly late into play.

      • Dave says:

        Buying a gear thats engineered well, has functional components, US made, with a lifetime warranty, and from a veteran owned company makes me a douchebag? News to me partner……. If someone is buying gear (any gear), whether it’s sewn in a factory or cut out by a CNC machine, they should seek Quality Craftsmanship, American Production, Lifetime Warranties, and Veteran Owners… Buy shit to last, buy shit that supports stateside businesses, buy shit from veterans.. Dont pinch pennies.

        That goes for goruck, mystery ranch, larue tactical, benchmade, emerson, etc…

    • Vinny says:

      SIGH. I love my GORUCK gear, but I agree that GORUCK didn’t invent the 3 day ruck. Posts from people like you immediately writing off a piece of equipment that you’ve never had the chance to try is ignorant and gives the GORUCK community a bad name.

      I said this on Facebook but will reiterate here. It’s up to these potential competing companies to prove that they deserve our business, and until we actually use the gear what’s the point in blindly saying it sucks? When I first looked into GORUCK gear I read a lot of forum posts saying that it was “too expensive,” “too tactical,” “not tactical enough,” and a shitload of other criticism. Shouldn’t other companies have the opportunity to prove themselves as GORUCK has to so many of us?

    • OC Tactical says:


      If you want to get technical the GORUCK basic design is just a variation of whats been the industry standard for an assault pack for about 20 years now. So calling this a rip off of a GORUCK is ridiculous.

      That being said I actually laid hands on one these Honor Point bags yesterday and it is unlike anything in the industry I know about. The bodies are completely removable from the back so you can have several already set up depending on the mission. The main inside pocket on the back is also set up a accommodate existing soft and hard armor. It can easily be worn on your chest instead of back to better utilize the armor hidden inside. The shoulder strap height adjustment is also unlike anything I’ve seen before. The ZOT line of gear has been very well thought out and executed.

      I doubt you have ever touched one, so commenting on the quality is also ridiculous. I design, make, and use gear and can tell you the quality was good to go. So the only “sad attempt” is your uninformed post.

  2. Rucksack Wearer says:

    Goruck? Never heard of her.

  3. Fox says:

    I like the features on this pack. The time we now find ourselves in is like the Renaissance for gear. Remember way back when it was only OD or Black, and woodland if you were lucky? Now it seems there are tens of thousands of gear companies trying to out create each other, and there is a new color pattern every week, and twice on Sunday. Not to mention all the quality materials being used. Bravo Honor Point! Keep them coming!!!

  4. Tommy says:

    Outside of the look of the front (three rows of MOLLE and a tilted front zipper) the bag itself is quite different from Goruck. If you go to their website and have a closer look he bags are quite different and at a different price point. Don’t make crappy comments about a product until you try it. I might not buy this bag but there is other gear on their website that I will take a closer look at.

  5. Aaron says:

    I like bananas