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Innovative Tactical Training Solutions, builders of the H60 Casevac simulator have introduced a new Little Bird Extrication Scenario Trainer. It is a portable and reusable MH-6 size helo cabin for multi-purpose extrication exercises. I also see where it could be used for static load training if planks are installed. The model seen here does not include planks.


The trainer is designed to be used with the ITTS TOMManikin and Android based Sensory Control Unit. The front compartment can be used as a trap for the TOMManikin and features extractable doors. The SCU can be used to control noise and a fog unit to introduce a little chaos into the scenario. Additionally, ITTS has integrated a remote camera into the design to allow evaluators access to the action. An on-board generator allows for use in remote locations and facilitates quick scenario reset.

ITTS products are available for unit and agency purchase from ADS Inc

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