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SureFire Field Notes – Scott Reitz

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

SureFire Field Notes is a multi-segment informational video series with tips and techniques from subject matter experts of all backgrounds. In this episode, Scott Reitz of ITTS discusses the jungle trail.

Scott Reitz is a 30 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police department. Scott received his Bachelors degree from the University of New Mexico and shortly thereafter joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department. During his first few years, he worked both Wilshire and Van Nuys divisions as a heroin expert and a member of the Special Problems Unit. He was accepted into the elite Metropolitan Division a few years later and remained there for the duration of his career. Shortly after his acceptance into Metro he advanced into ‘D’ platoon (SWAT). He remained there for ten years until he was upgraded as the primary firearms and tactics instructor for the whole of Metro division and all LAPD advanced in-service firearms/tactics training. He was additionally in charge of advanced training for specialized units such as gangs, LAFD arson, anti-terrorist division, S.I.S., Internal Affairs follow teams as well as all 19 geographical divisions among others. Scott was an adjunct instructor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s SRT III program and one of the founders of the US Marine Corps SOTG program in Camp Pendleton, California. He has trained and worked with U.S. Army Delta, Naval Special Warfare’s Team 6 and Air Task Force assets that support special operations. He is also one of a very few instructors who is a Federal and Superior Court qualified expert in deadly force, training, safety and police tactics. He has testified and consulted in the defense of police, F.B.I., U.S. Secret Service, and B.A.T.F. as well as many high profile cases.


ITTS Product Demo 2014

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

ITTS Product Demo 2014 from Big Sky Digital Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

Innovative Tactical Training Solutions released a video demonstrating the use of their tactical training simulation equipment, including the Tactical Medical Trauma Manikin Simulator and the MH-6 size Helo Cabin Structure, and how it can be utilized in an advanced training scenario.

All ITTS gear is available for purchase through the FES TLS program. Visit www.tommanikin.com or call 502-767-9381 for more information.


Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Innovative Tactical Training Solutions, builders of the H60 Casevac simulator have introduced a new Little Bird Extrication Scenario Trainer. It is a portable and reusable MH-6 size helo cabin for multi-purpose extrication exercises. I also see where it could be used for static load training if planks are installed. The model seen here does not include planks.


The trainer is designed to be used with the ITTS TOMManikin and Android based Sensory Control Unit. The front compartment can be used as a trap for the TOMManikin and features extractable doors. The SCU can be used to control noise and a fog unit to introduce a little chaos into the scenario. Additionally, ITTS has integrated a remote camera into the design to allow evaluators access to the action. An on-board generator allows for use in remote locations and facilitates quick scenario reset.

ITTS products are available for unit and agency purchase from ADS Inc

ITTS HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulators

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

The Innovative Tactical Training Solutions HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulator is an accurate representation of an H-60 cabin that offers accurate crew positions including realistic crew securing landmarks, allowing securing of patients as well as aircraft lighting (white, green/ blue).


It provides the capability to train appropriate personnel on the proper methods of administering medical aid to occupants from the interior of a structure within the parameters of a training exercise in multiple conditions and can even be set up to simulate an H-60 crash.


The remote PC controlled unit, with a custom designed interface allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via the control of environmental factors, including light, noise, wind (fans), water, smoke (foggers), and other specialized components. Factors can also be controlled manually via the Sensory Control Unit (SCU) which comes with the simulator and is seen above.

The HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulator is available for unit and agency purchase through ADS Inc.

Tactical Operations Manikin

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

As of late, there as been a lot of push back on live tissue training. The Tactical Operations Manikin (T.O.M. Man) from Innovative Tactical Training Solutions may be just the solution.

T.O.M. Man is a rugged patient care simulator capable of repeatedly surviving tactical trauma training and is designed to move like a human and simulates massive bleeding in a combat environment. Features include remote control allowing the instructor to add surprise elements, talking, breathing, bleeding, breath sounds include sucking chest wounds, respiratory distress, massive bleeding, needle decompression, tourniquet, wound packing, surgical airway. Breathing is controlled by recovery position for Care Under Fire. Several areas of massive and minor bleeding throughout the main arteries and face are managed via a single controller that provides a number of features to support TAC Med and TCCC training with “live responses”.

ITTS is an innovative company run by a former USAF PJ. They teamed up with Techline Trauma to develop the T.O.M. Man and one of the best things about this product is that it can be customized for your particular needs. In fact, it weighs between 130-150 lbs which goes a long way to mimicking a human’s size and weight which means T.O.M. Man can support a wide variety of training.

ITTS products are available for unit and agency purchase through www.ADSinc.com. And, be sure to check it out at ADS Warrior Expo East.