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Tactical Operations Manikin

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

As of late, there as been a lot of push back on live tissue training. The Tactical Operations Manikin (T.O.M. Man) from Innovative Tactical Training Solutions may be just the solution.

T.O.M. Man is a rugged patient care simulator capable of repeatedly surviving tactical trauma training and is designed to move like a human and simulates massive bleeding in a combat environment. Features include remote control allowing the instructor to add surprise elements, talking, breathing, bleeding, breath sounds include sucking chest wounds, respiratory distress, massive bleeding, needle decompression, tourniquet, wound packing, surgical airway. Breathing is controlled by recovery position for Care Under Fire. Several areas of massive and minor bleeding throughout the main arteries and face are managed via a single controller that provides a number of features to support TAC Med and TCCC training with “live responses”.

ITTS is an innovative company run by a former USAF PJ. They teamed up with Techline Trauma to develop the T.O.M. Man and one of the best things about this product is that it can be customized for your particular needs. In fact, it weighs between 130-150 lbs which goes a long way to mimicking a human’s size and weight which means T.O.M. Man can support a wide variety of training.

ITTS products are available for unit and agency purchase through And, be sure to check it out at ADS Warrior Expo East.