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ITTS HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulators

The Innovative Tactical Training Solutions HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulator is an accurate representation of an H-60 cabin that offers accurate crew positions including realistic crew securing landmarks, allowing securing of patients as well as aircraft lighting (white, green/ blue).


It provides the capability to train appropriate personnel on the proper methods of administering medical aid to occupants from the interior of a structure within the parameters of a training exercise in multiple conditions and can even be set up to simulate an H-60 crash.


The remote PC controlled unit, with a custom designed interface allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via the control of environmental factors, including light, noise, wind (fans), water, smoke (foggers), and other specialized components. Factors can also be controlled manually via the Sensory Control Unit (SCU) which comes with the simulator and is seen above.

The HH-60 CASEVAC Training Simulator is available for unit and agency purchase through ADS Inc.

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