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Patrol Bag from SPECOPS.PL


Designed to fit a 15″ Laptop, map and other admin items this is a general officer/utility/staff bag. The Patrol Bag is manufactured from ATACS-FG Cordura and matching hook and pile tape.



6 Responses to “Patrol Bag from SPECOPS.PL”

  1. Pete says:

    I just wish they sold here in the US. Theyve got a pack Ive been drooling over for 2 yrs now.

  2. Juan Bravo says:

    Cannot locate it on their site to order, anyone have a link?

  3. mgr_scout says:

    http://www.specops.pl/ – try this link.

  4. palowski says:

    as far *as* I’m [..] may be *placed* directly *via*

    pardom me, gentlemans, I was in a rush

  5. Marcin says:

    you can send us order on my email [email protected]