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SOMA – S.O. Tech


The new Survival Sling from S.O Tech is a multipurpose item that does 4 things. It’s a 4000 lbs breaking strength strap that can be used as a 2-PT rifle sling. It can also be used as a load carriage and drag strap as well as an extraction harness. To me, the most interesting use is to carry litters, offering a hand free solution for litter bearers.

In a pinch, it can also be used as a belt or combined with other Survival Slings to make a longer rope.

Look for this for sale before SHOT Show.

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16 Responses to “SOMA – S.O. Tech”

  1. Invictus says:

    Taking something you’re going to have anyway and making it do a lot more. Hell yeah, SO Tech!

  2. Canadian says:

    Carrying a litter with a shoulder strap is helpful, however, thinking that you are going to be able to engage the enemy while doing so is VERY unlikely. There are a hell of a lot of things that have to go wrong before you can even consider that to be a possibility. Could it happen? Yes. Is it most likely a marketing ploy? YES.

    • Canadian says:

      I should note that I do like the overall design, I just think that one consideration is really not necessary. The rated strenght is a fantastic idea, and the girth hitch design is smart.

      • Canadian says:

        Wrong, after watching the video, I don’t like it. If you have to disassemble your rifle sling to carry something- where the hell does your rifle go? Carry a piece of tubular nylon and be done with it.

        Also, why does he call them “carbeens”? It’s a “carabiner”.

        • DEEBEES says:

          i think the clip is still on the sling, i think you can still attach the weapon even if your using it to carry the litter or what ever

        • SOTechPres says:

          Sorry Canadian, there is a clip to mount your weapon to be hands free, we just don’t have enough space for all the pictures of what this does. “Marketing ploy” sounds like you have some anger built up – it was a requirement from a customer, hands free first, and the capability to hold and use the rifle. And if you listen closely I use the term carabiner. Not exactly sure what a carbeens is… maybe a Canadian term.

          • Canadian says:

            Firstly- I originally thought this system would allow attachment WITHOUT modifying how you carry the weapon. As far as I’m concerned, the sling is a part of the weapon, and should never be tasked for anything but carrying the weapon, unless the weapon has been destroyed. The same way you wouldn’t have an aftermarket handguard that is also a can opener and a pry bar. Those are useful things to have, but must be separate. As I said, a chunk of tubular with some water knots and/or rated biners will do the same thing.

            Secondly- At 2:08 “attachment point for the carbeens”.

            Thirdly- it’s pronounced “care-a-been-er”.

  3. DEEBEES says:

    Looks very useful, everyone could use a good weapon sling and stretching the uses of that sling… even better. I wonder what the MSRP will be.

  4. ak says:

    SOTECH has this BAD habit if making good things AFTER I made purchases. Come on guys gimme a break, my budget is not a bottomless pit!

  5. Holden says:

    Echoes of the old Alice Universal Load Carry Sling? It’s always neat to see old ideas that were solid resurface again.

    • Reverend says:

      Everything old is new again! Reinventing the wheel… it’s what people who don’t study history do. HAHAHA

      • SOTechPres says:

        Much agreed. I bang my head against the wall of the closed-minded. They only relive failure. Of course if I left it to them, we would be trying to extract an unconscious casualty with a cotton web strap or engaging targets with a leather single point Cavalry sling. Just had a troop tell me it wasn’t a good idea because he had a high speed instructor show him how to use tubular nylon in addition to having a rifle sling and a padded belt. The mind numbing lack of innovation I witness is depressing, they should teach a class in basic along with a military history class of course.

        • Canadian says:

          As above, your rifle sling is ONLY for carrying your rifle. If you PLAN to use it for something else, and you need it to both carry your rifle in two point configuration and carry a stretcher at the same time, you now have a problem.

          • Canadian says:

            I don’t hate your company, and in fact I have carried some of your gear on deployment, and it held up very well. I just think this particular idea has been done and abandoned because it’s just not the best way to do things.

  6. C.B. says:

    Multiuse is always a good thing. If the price is right I will pick one up

  7. Jester says:

    Israel’s Armed Forces uses a similar system or exact same one. It’s viable.