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The ZIIVAA belt is a natural, drug-free treatment for pain or discomfort caused by menstruation. The non-invasive treatments take only 15 minutes each with users often requiring only one treatment daily. Treatment using the ZIIVAA belt works faster and longer than opioids, making it ideal for deployed female service members.

The ZIIVAA belt functions by applying pressure on the hips, easing tension on the ligaments, pelvis, and uterus. One-size-fits-all, the ZIIVAA belt requires no energy source or maintenance to operate.

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18 Responses to “SOMA – ZIIVAA”

  1. Josh says:

    Hahah, making it ideal for deployed female service members! I bet this booth was the highlight of SOMA this year!

    • Josh says:

      Good to know my TPOD and Sam pelvic splint can be used for menstrual pain as well. Science!

  2. Canadian says:

    What the fuck? At SOMA?
    Shit, forget the SAM, just get two field manuals and a ratchet strap! One field manual on each hip, and ratchet that fucker down.

  3. Rucksack Wearer says:

    This is the final solution to the issue of women in the infantry.

  4. I must have over slept. Is it April 1st already?

  5. KaosKydex says:

    This might help a lot f the whiny bitches over in the Costa: Easy Day thread

  6. Raf says:

    If it works this will make them a fortune

    • Canadian says:

      If it worked, they wouldn’t need to “find” customers at SOMA, they could get them everywhere.

      • SSD says:

        Ok, that is the silliest thing I’ve ever read. By that train of thought there shouldn’t be trade shows or any form of advertising.

        • Canadian says:

          I wasn’t at SOMA, and didn’t see their booth. However it seems suspicious that they are marketing this product at SOMA rather then other medical trade shows which would likely garner much higher sales. The military market could benefit (if it works), however it would be very limited use in comparison to most other medical trade shows.

          • SSD says:

            How do you know they aren’t marketing it elsewhere? What is your hard on for this product? You aren’t a woman so it really doesn’t matter to you now does it?

  7. Vince says:

    Forget deployed walking mattresses, how about one for my wife? Husbands everywhere will be greatfull!

    • Ash says:

      “deployed walking mattresses”

      Do you have a cute quip to describe Black or Latino service members (of either gender)? Bet it would be just as classy.

  8. Vince says:

    No, no bias here. Keep up the MWR! We’re all better off with something like this. Think of it as a win/win situation. Reduces the amount hostility and we’re one team, one fight again! Semper.

  9. Graphei says:

    As soon as this comes available, I’m buying this for myself. Anyway, it might have multi-tasker potential. Depending on how small it can shrink to, you might be able to use it to apply even pressure to an injury without cutting off blood flow.

  10. Multi-tasker potential aside, if these actually work, I’m buying one for the wife. It will save ME from having to suffer from menstrual cramps! If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…

  11. Bill says:

    I’d be a lot more confident if they had sprung for a female spokesperson and maybe a real ob/gyn