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Additional Details On The H&K MP7 Holster


One of only two new Blackhawk Serpa platform-based HK MP7 holsters in the US popped up in Los Angeles last weekend at a major Metropolitan PD K9 unit testing the validity of deploying the MP7 as a secondary weapon for the K9 handler. Currently, this particular department usually deploys one K9 handler with a cover team which could be fellow K9 officers equipped with carbines or it could consist of SWAT officers or in a less dangerous situation, the handler could be teamed with just street patrol.

While the K9 officer has a cover team for protection, he is usually equipped with a 1911. While the 8-10 rounds of .45 can be extremely lethal, the officer could still be in a world of hurt if he finds himself alone. This is a definite possibility if the officer and his K9 are required to enter a crawl space or a small confined area where his cover team, with much more powerful weapons cannot accompany him. In this case he becomes the tunnel rat with his loyal dog and his trusty 1911. Hence, the agency evaluation of the MP7 as possible secondary weapon choice for the handler to provide a lightweight, high capacity weapon in an extremely compact package.

While the MP7 is being evaluated, the holster was provided by HK for the K9 team and the PD’s firearms division as part of the test. So far this represents one of only two MP7 holsters available Stateside. This holster isn’t really a holster but more like a hanger in design. It has a rocking lever where the operator can push it forward or rock it backwards to release a locking tab located half way down the machined structure of the holster. This also makes the holster ambidextrous. This coupled with a proprietary rail where a receptacle for the locking tab is machined into the rail, the lock tab on the holster engages the receptacle on the rail to lock the weapon in position. The user would simply angle the weapon into the bottom of the holster, as the rail catches on a recess on the aluminium hanger, the user then just rocks the MP7 inward toward the leg, into the locking tab. When reholstering, the user does not have to use the locking lever, it is only to draw the weapon, when the user would have to flick it forward or back. In the draw, the user will either press forward or backwards on the locking lever and angle the weapon slightly outward to release it from the holster.

This opportunity presented itself during a conversation when I asked the testing officer if I could take some pictures and write up an article for Soldier Systems, I was granted permission if I could show up in 30 minutes. I had to act right away to meet his training schedule. With the short amount of time available, my exposure to the system was limited. but I did realize that with the gun mounted to the leg, it was too much kit to be hanging off one leg, especially with the Serpa platform where the two straps hanging the platform from the belt can not firmly secure the weight as well as one would like. even with the three leg straps, the entire system continued to drag on my right side and it require constant adjustment.

However, this shortfall does make me wonder if the same locking system were to be on a leg platform such the Safariland 6004-DFA, would it result in a better and more secure platform, or even the same platform on a MOLLE plate and mounted to the armor carrier?

Then, there is the elephant in the room, price. We all know HK does not make anything cheap, and this holster is no exception. I was told this platform for the MP7 will cost in the neighborhood of 700-800 dollars. Extremely well made, and like all HK products, extremely well designed, but at 700.00+ dollars, I can’t wonder if there aren’t better solutions.

– SMGLee


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  1. Hans Marius says:

    Not to mention the wobble this would cause when running. And also, where would the K9 officer keep his 1911? On the opposite leg? Mounted to ballistic vest? Or is the MP7 ment to replace the 1911 all together?

    This is the strangest thing I have seen in a long time…

    I can not help but think that the better option here would be some kind of elastic retention sling system.

    Love the article and photos though:-)

    • Angry Misha says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Most of the guys carrying 1911’s already have them in a thigh holster. I know LAPD initially issued each member of D Platoon TWO Kimber 1911’s: 1 with the Surefire Light mounted for tactical use and 1 without for uniform use. I don’t know if this is still the case. However, even if you wore the 1911 in a mid or high ride holster, it would occlude drawing the MP-7 from the depicted rig. I’m going to surmise that the MP-7 is a “just in case” and the officer would initially employ his 1911 to retrograde and then after holstering, break out the MP-7.

      Personally, I would think that it would be better carried on a bungee sling secured to a gun belt at the 5 o’clock via a retention hook or that S&S Precision WeaponLink gizmo. But then again, so could an MP5K which LAPD has plenty of.
      The REAL question is, considering LA is in financial straits, where are they getting the funding?

      • Toby says:

        The only system that is going to do all this and more and be interchangeable with MP7, pistol, rifle, or shotgun off one platform is the R2S. Incidentally, it is funny how their system came out AFTER Bad Company Tactical showed them their patented system.

  2. matty says:

    Shit I guess I don’t have to pass green team training anymore to get a MP7 I just have to be a cop.

  3. SMG Lee in the House !!!!! My SoCal brotha – I’ll be seeing you soon Holmes !!
    Until then – ‘ Look the other way Bitch’ !!!

  4. Doc B says:

    Awesome. Cops definitely need more avenues directed toward looking cool, rather than wasting all that time training to employ civilian weapons (since, you know, they’re civilians) effectively.

    The 1911 is more than enough in a tight area, provided the cop can actually hit anything. In today’s world, that seems a rarity, or at least a priority placed well behind trying to emulate poorly-written movies about the military.

    The law needs to be drastically changed. Restrict what they can carry to reflect what everyone else legally can, and call it a day. It is skill that will bring you home, not widgets.


    • H.C. says:

      ^^This x1000

      • Toby says:

        Too true. While I support giving our brothers the edge we do have to consider at what cost? Where does the law enforcement end and the military begin. I can honestly say, the only thing that keeps people from turning on each other like animals is knowing there is consequences and deterrent from the fellow citizens. If locks keep honest people honest then it can be argued that an armed citizen keeps the criminal element hesitant of it actions too.

    • Bman says:

      1. You fail to realize that 50+ percent of law enforcement are military vets.

      2. You should provide a reliable source to the hit statistics of cops who have shot people compared to your own hit statistics in the shootings you have been in.

      3. The law is that way already. Cops routinely run into people who have SKS’, AK’s, AR’s and other weapons which are legally owned but possessed in the commission of crimes. Just do some research. And what about the people that steal them and can’t legally own them but have them? I guess you should be the one they call with you high level of skill and expertise. Your logic makes as much sense as the gun control morons.

      • Toby says:

        BMan, I am not saying that we should not arm our police well. What I am saying is the real power, the real defense, and the real deterrent to crime and tyranny lies with the people. That was my only point. As for me, I am just a dude, no one special or with any ninja skills. Sorry to disappoint.

        • Joe says:

          Yes, we should limit arming our police to the same weapons that civilians can legally own. Because crimes are only ever committed with legally owned firearms. Oh wait…

    • Pat Aherne says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop the diarrhea flowing from your face. There are plenty of reasons not to issue an MP7 to a K9 handler, but your ill-informed opinion is not one of them. K9 handlers, out of all cops, tend to get in close range gunfights. If you had an ounce of experience, you would know that most K9 handlers tend to be very good pistol shots. But no, you just opened your pie hole and spewed forth.

  5. bloke_from_ohio says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the MP7 shoots the HK 4.6 x30mm. That round was designed specifically to defeat armor. Unless there is a version that is extremely frangible, won’t the rounds over penetrate like crazy in the types of engagments LEOs normally see? This does not strike me as a good idea.

    • Angry Misha says:

      bloke_from_ohio: You’re wrong, sorta. There is a Hollow Point variant of the 4.6 x30mm specifically for Law Enforcement use.

  6. straps says:

    And here I thought the “Elephant in the Room” was the “similarity” to the R2S.

    Also funny to see still more butt hurt over HK’s (a firearms company FAMOUSLY dismissive of civilian shooters) decision NOT to release a civilian variant discussed in the context of concern over militarization of police–even police who respond to deliberate assaults at places like LAX. Someone find Jerry Tsai so we can fire him again.

    Three leg straps is a subtle sign that yeah, there’s GOT to be a better way.

    • Toby says:

      Strap, thank you for your support. We at BCT have done over 3 1/2 years of R&D and testing to provide the next evolution in retention on ALL levels. I again thank you and SSD for your continued support. Keep an eye on what else is coming out this year before Shot.

      • straps says:

        We had a little ban crisis where I live and every last dime I had to spare last year went to purchase of and advocacy for long guns with detachable mags. Your product is on the short list.

        • Toby says:

          Strap, I am flattered. There is usually two types of responses that I get with our design. One is this is the greatest thing in decades or the polar opposite. Even with those every time the nay sayers use it or even better shoot with it they always, 100 percent of the time change their tune. We will be happy to support you and look foreword to supplying you with in my opinion, the next evolutionary step forward in retention. GOD bless you brother.

    • LCSO264 says:

      Strap, you are only partially correct in regards to HK’s “decision” to not release a civi version. Until very recently they were not in a position to release a civi version, as they must first contend with the German Government’s exportation restrictions, which are much stricter than our regulations, then they have to content with US ATF and Customs importation restrictions. By the time they dance through all those hoops, there is no/little room for profit, wich is the driving factor for any commercial business. Now, some of those hoops have been eliminated with the opening of their limited factory in New Hampsire, however the New Hampshire facility already can’t keep up with demand for the 4 firearms they assemble her (HK45, HK45c, MR556A1, & MR762).

      as for the holster, it is different. I’ve somewhat followed the info here on SSD regarding the “similarities” between it and the R2S, but I really don’t know that much about it, so I will defer to you and others regarding that issue.

      As for the various comments regarding the police use of the MP7A1; ehhh I’m conflicted. Their compact size and the increadible ease of use are selling points, provided appropriate ammunition is used. To that end, asside from the compact size, how is using the MP7A1 any different than using an M4. The only real difference is the MP7A1 is easier to carry/deploy due to it’s reduced weight and size. You get a ballistic preformance somewhere between a handgun round and a rifle round.

      All of that said, the compact space example listed don’t really hold water to me, if it is that compact then a handgun is probably the better choice? At that close of range a big heavy bullet is your friend. I’m not going to say they shouldn’t, but someone else pointed out the fiscal issues, and as I stated the given rational is lacking. Now if their full time team guys wanted to utilize the MP7A1 in specific/limited tactical applications that would make a little more sense to me.

  7. fmfbest says:

    Is there a problem with just using anyone of the great cinchable slings and just running it tight down on the chest? I see this and I think back to the HK literature from years back showing the thigh mounted MP5K on the “downed” aircrew member. I remember him having a rig on the other side with like 5-6 mags. The whole thing was just awkward. I’ve got the factory shoulder holster for the MP5K PDW. Yeah it kinda works but not nearly as well as a VTAC sling snugged tight to the chest. Looks cool and futuristic though. Maybe they should give one to the Blue Thunder crew to T&E.

  8. Angry Misha says:

    Wait, did I read that correctly? SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS???
    FOR A HOLSTER????!!

    So, if memory serves me, the LAPD has something like 22 officers 16 of which are actual “handlers” in the K9 Platoon so $700 (Holster) plus, $1100 (MP-7) times 16 oh heck who am I kidding, they’ll ALL want one, then you need to account for “spares” (we’ll use 15%) and you’re gonna need a “support package” so, let’s run the numbers

    $18,200 (Holster “Base” of 22 + 15% “Spares” = 26) + $28,600 (MP-7 “Base” of 22 + 15% “Spares” = 26) + $13,000 (Optic “Base” of 22 + 15% “Spares” = 26) + 7,800 (Tac Light “Base” of 22 + 15% “Spares” = 26) + $5,000 (MP-7 “Support Package”) + $6,000 (New Equipment Training) = $78,600.00!!!!

    Let me see LAPD already has MP5-K’s and ALL the ancillary items you need. So, basically that would be $300 to outfit 22 guys with MP5-K’s (using existing optics and tac lights) with a sling and TAG belt mounted weapon catch from LAPD’s prime vendor, BOTACH.

    If California is close to Bankruptcy, where is the money coming from????

  9. SMGLee says:

    To answer a few questions….First of all, This department has a one of the few full time SWAT in the country and the training and deployment cycle is extremely high.

    I don’t believe this holster will be adapted, it is just on location for eval only, a much simpler and cheaper solution to mount it to the operator vest is being developed so the K9 handler can still have the 1911 on the strong side.

    As far as the cost, you won’t believe how much the department paid for the weapons…to put it simply, your calculation is not even close.

    L-Tech produce a Barnes TSX tipped round for the MP7, its 31 gr of solid copper. we will see the test on it sooner or later.

    • Angry Misha says:

      So… I’m off by maybe $200-$300 on the price of the MP7? I’m not some ass clown mall ninja SMG, I do know a bit about a thing or two. Inasmuch, if LAPD was held to the FAR, specifically Part 8, someone would be getting canned.

      I would LOVE to see the Requirement, AoA, and J&A for this.

      I call BS. If this is being procured via any federal grants, I ensure you someone is gonna have a bad day

      • SMGLee says:

        You are angry…LOL

        I am not saying you are ignorant of the MP7 pricing. and I am not stating this has anything to do with LAPD, but the price of his weapon is much lower than even 300.00. it is not through anything you have mentioned and it is not illegal nor is it out side of the said department policy. its just business.

  10. Bill says:

    I can’t tell from the photos and am not familiar with the MP7 manual of arms or carry modes, but is the trigger exposed?

    • SMGLee says:

      Trigger is exposed, but the weapon have to be in safe mode in order for it to be reattached.

  11. jim says:

    anyone else flash back to robocop a

  12. TomcatTCH says:

    Cause the FN 5.7 handgun is just too mainstream right? Gotta go with a PDW.

    Is it the full auto capability of the MP7 it’s main selling point?

    30 rounds in the 5.7 with the extended magazine. I’d hypothesize it would be easier to shoot one handed. And there are certainly more holster choices.