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NTOA Approves Sons Trauma Kit

Sons Trauma Kit

Phokus Research Group has announced that the Sons Trauma Kit has been tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association. The Sons Trauma Kit and its reviews are now listed on the NOTA Member Tested and Recommended online database. Phokus’ Hoplite night vision focusing cover is also being reviewed by NTOA, although the ETA of approval for that product is currently unknown.



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4 Responses to “NTOA Approves Sons Trauma Kit”

  1. Matt says:

    Not that a NTOA recommendation means that much (good reviews of some pretty crappy products), but this product is a very well thought out effective product when used in the role it is intended for.

    The Hoplite is very well done as well,and only has one detriment, cost.

  2. fmfbest says:

    Yep, not a dig on this product in any way but an NTOA recommendation really means squat. They lost their credibility early on. Some of the junk reviewed in their magazine is terrible. I find it generally reviewed by non gear guys from 3 man Tactical teams with very little exposure to cutting edge industry development.

  3. Matt says:

    Not to mention how some of their recommended tactics pretty much suck. To put it blunt.