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Sneak Peak – Spartan Village Counterweight Pouch

XCP 03 small

Spartan Village is currently testing a new counterweight pouch. Although details are scarce, it has been mentioned that the XCP-01 capable of taking different sized weight bags and can securely mount a MS2000 or similar strobe.



11 Responses to “Sneak Peak – Spartan Village Counterweight Pouch”

  1. Okruch says:

    Finally, a storage for cigarettes or LSA bottle 😉

  2. Nothing like adding more weight to a lightweight helmet.

    Have a good one,

    • paul says:

      that’s the reason they are lightweight…

      • Kris says:

        Agreed Paul. Connor, thanks for linking a website to what looks like a cool studio. You should try wearing all this on your head with a normal 4 lb helmet, and then you will know that a 2.3 lb helmet with all this stuff on feels like a dream. The reason counterweight pouches, such as the one pictured above is needed, is because an undue amount of stress is placed on the neck without it.

        • mike says:

          I’ve only ever seen Connor come here to speak ill about reviewed/debuted kit; I can’t imagine he would take you up on that.

        • Hello Kris,

          What makes you think I haven’t worn this gear on my head? I’d dig into the website a bit more.

          Have a good one,

          • Kris says:


            If you have, then why the comment implying that counterweights are a silly idea. I wear all these things on the back of my helmet, and it is much better to have useful stuff on the back, versus something silly like lead. I use an extra pouch like the one in the picture to hold 3 pre-loaded battery packs for that anvis battery pack. This along with an MS-2000 strobe is just enough to counteract the weight of NODS.

            Are you leading me to believe that in your entire time in the military, that you never wore all this crap on your helmet?

            Are you also leading me to believe that a counterweight system is not a good idea when wearing GPNVG-18’s, like the one’s on the person in the profile pic on the website?

            Or maybe you might have me believe that Crye Chops are a better use of added weight on a helmet?

            It’s simple, this looks like a great pouch, and another option to the already endless options that an end user has to choose from. Coming from a company that built its name on holsters, this step into the tactical nylon realm is a great first entry for this company. Based on the pictures, the construction looks sound. My only complaint would be how reliable the shock cord retention system would be when you accidentally bump into things with your helmet/head. Other than that, again, this looks like a great pouch.


            • Kris,

              I think the pouch looks fantastic and I’m sure it will get use from those who require more weight added to their helmet to offset the weight when NODs are mounted.

              Have a good one,

  3. Biggest reason for the counterweight is to offset the weight of NVD’s out in front so they resist nose diving and this itself can cause even more neck straining issues at times. Instead of strapping lead weights that serve no other purpose, pouches such as these now have dual usefulness.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, Kris! The shock cord is merely a “safety” for the strobe in the event, as you said, the strobe gets knocked by something. There is a panel of loop on the strobe half of the panel that allows you to Velcro the strobe down. The shock cord is then wrapped around it and tension is retained with a push button slide lock. We figured 99% of everyone running a MS2000 or other strobe on their helmet already has some hook stuck to it so they might as well make use of it for a more secure mount.

    • Kris says:

      Good deal. You can’t tell from the pics that there is velcro there. But now it makes more sense to have the shock cord there as a backup retention.