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Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case In New Colors


Eleven 10 is now offering their RIGID TQ Case for the CAT in two new colors: Coyote and Ranger Green, in addition to the original Black.



4 Responses to “Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case In New Colors”

  1. I can’t decide if this is a solution looking for a problem. I can see some rigs where this might be good, but I never had a problem with my TQ in sleeve that held the pad for the my plate carrier in place. It was secure enough that it never moved, but could be pulled out in a hurry one-handed if need be. My other three TQs on my person were in my IFAK (Why four? I got four limbs.).

    • Casey says:

      Not everybody wears a plate carrier – think LE or security wearing only a duty belt.

      I do wear a plate carrier, and I keep one of my TQs on it, but I also use one of Eleven 10’s old Kydex carriers for a secondary TQ on my belt.

  2. Jon Meyer says:

    Somone finally made kydex in ranger green? Nice. I wish there were more people making kydex products in RG.

  3. Joe momma says:

    Could be a nice way to carry on a drop holster rig. Like how mags are attached (although I see that as useless in a reload so a better way to use the space)