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Another Cool Tip From Kyle Defoor

Finally, a use for tinfoil we can agree with. Kyle Defoor recommends you use it to shim older, loose fitting, X-series lights from SureFire.


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9 Responses to “Another Cool Tip From Kyle Defoor”

  1. albi says:

    Also I’ve heard that you can make pretty good hats out of it.

  2. Save your foil, buy a Larue mount.

  3. joe says:

    Yeah, I thought Kyle preferred the more TLR-1 stuff (I tested the U300 and the TLR1HL and like the latter’s switch, tint and beam more–though I was just testing the regular back, not the tape switch units).

    • Bruce says:

      The X series Surefire switch is so horrible. I can’t believe that they haven’t improved upon it yet.

  4. Light (L19) says:

    Other then tinfoil, I use a small piece of Velcro sticker put underneath my X300 also works~!

  5. Ian says:

    I read about this tip from Kyle a few years ago, and have used it with good success several times, especially on a 1911 that had a tad too much wiggle for my tastes. Works great and not even noticeable.