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Lancer Systems Launches New L7AWM


– Lancer’s 7.62x51mm Magazine to Debut at SHOT Show 2014 and they build a great magazine.

Allentown, PA – January 7, 2014 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components manufacturer, today announced the launch of the new L7AWM, an advanced hybrid magazine that combines the strength of steel with the toughness of polymer to form a lightweight, reliable 7.62x51mm magazine.

The Lancer L7AWM incorporates a unique, dual steel design that wraps completely around the magazine to maximize stiffness and feeding reliability while minimizing wear and dimpling to the front of the magazine that can result from high volume firing. The magazine body is made from impact resistant polymer and, like the L5AWM, is available with either a translucent or opaque body.

The magazine also contains a switchable drain located on the floor plate lock. This feature, in conjunction with drain channels in the floor plate, allows users to configure the L7 between water-borne and extreme dust conditions.

The magazine is designed to work in multiple weapon systems, including the SR25, SIG716, DPMS 308 and LM308. It is currently available in 5,10 and 20-round capacities with higher capacity versions planned for late 2014.

“We’ve found that innovation doesn’t just happen; it takes knowledge, technology and passion,” said Scott Vilardi, business area manager, Advanced Weapons & Components, Lancer. “Our engineers, technicians and scientists are the best in the industry, allowing us to continue to raise the bar as is evident in the design of the L7AWM. The L7AWM represents state-of-the-art design in weapon component technology.”



7 Responses to “Lancer Systems Launches New L7AWM”

  1. Middle Man says:

    $49.99 MSRP is a dead end. I can buy and throw away two competing 308 platform magazines and still have change left over. Magazines are a consumable item after all.

    • Jim D says:

      MAP on them is much more competitive.

      • Middle Man says:

        MAP is $47.50 on the clear/translucent and $42.75 on opaque. So not really. And not really competitively priced at dealer and wholesale relative to other poly or steel magazines. Yes, it is an innovative and novel design and will sell. However, it is not positioned to gain large portions of market share at those prices. The current market is vastly over supplied and prices are tumbling at this very moment.

  2. HMFIC says:

    Too bad they don’t make a 40rnd mag, Magpul has yet to make a PMAG 40 with a window.

  3. Todd says:

    Looks like a nice mag, I will give a couple a try with my SR25. My experience with Lancer mags has been positive (5.56 translucent). Their translucent material appears to me to be thinner than their opaque. Hopefully this translates into an interior dimension that allows a longer OAL of the cartridge. I will pay for quality backed by responsive customer service that backs their product.

    Personally I am glad their is more competition on the market giving us choices and driving product improvement.