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SOLKOA Survival Systems – New Brand Name Clears Up Market Confusion

SOLKOA, Inc. recognized their civilian brand, Fastfire, did not effectively represent their many non-fire related survival products so they have initiated SOLKOA Survival Systems for their consumer survival products line. This includes the SUMA Survival Kit I use.

With more than 200 years of combined instructor experience among its professional staff, SOLKOA, Inc has been quietly producing a wide variety of highly-specialized emergency survival capabilities along with its expert instruction for the US military and other high-risk organizations since 2005.

SOLKOA’s specialized military survival gear usually contains sensitive items that will never be available to the civilian market, but SOLKOA’s Fastfire brand created some market confusion making it difficult for SOLKOA to clearly promote their expanding civilian product line.

The SHOT show directory lists their overall corporate name SOLKOA, Inc. and they will be in booth #32513 in the law enforcement and military section; you should drop by and visit with them, they are the real deal and I rely on their products.

So from now on the civilian products line will be SOLKOA Survival Systems.



One Response to “SOLKOA Survival Systems – New Brand Name Clears Up Market Confusion”

  1. Primo says:

    These guys make legit kit.