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SHOT Show – Elite Defense / Patagonia


In addition to the commercial PCU which includes Level 3A, Level 9 and the Jungle Uniform, Patagonia is also introducing a version of the M10 jacket and pant in Gore-Tex Light and Fast. Com medical PCU is offers in MultiCam, Black, Alpha Green and Retro Khaki.

It’s a very simple design intended for use while active. The jacket features a single chest pocket and stowable hood. Additionally, there is a two-piece overlap to protect the main zipper but you won’t find pit zips due to the breathability of the material.


The trousers also feature a simple design with full length side zips for donning and doffing as well as integrated, removable suspenders and waist belt. Additionally, the cuff will accommodate even larger size boots.


Look for this new garment late Spring.


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7 Responses to “SHOT Show – Elite Defense / Patagonia”

  1. Doc_robalt says:

    Ok guys seriously these pictures are killing me, you seriously need to invest in a new phone or a good camera these shots are just as bad as last years.

  2. Doc says:

    Ok I’m gonna put it this way I love this page and I’m not trying to pick a fight I’m simply stating the resolution on the pics suck you can barely see what’s going on and you sure can’t zoom. And it can’t be the lighting because ITS Tactical pics are clear as day and high resolution. I’m just saying you could stand to get a new camera that’s all

    • SSD says:

      Yes, I use wordpress on my iPad. WordPress does not allow me to upload full size photos. And I am at the mercy if the crap lighting at the show. But, you get it NOW. Not hours, days, or weeks later when someone goes and downloads the photos to a laptop, processes the hell out of them and then does a photo dump on a page with no descriptions of anything because they don’t know what any of it is.

      You don’t have to read SSD if you don’t want the latest info, first. I am not here to provide anyone with a personal spank bank of high res gear porn, there are loads of sites that do that.