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SHOT Show – S&S Precision

I’m going to tell you about several items from S&S Precision that were debuted at SHOT Show to the public for the first time.

First off is the Skeletonized Magazine Retention or SMR. Although we have you an initial glimpse of it in September, this is the first time it’s been out in the wild for everyone to see and this also marks its final form. Naturally, this also means they are transitioning it into production.


The SMR which is the actual magazine holder itself is used conjunction with the BasePlate aka “The Docking Station” that serves the platform to mount to. Additionally, there are belt hanger adapters (seen below) and MOLLE adapters.


Next up we have two items. The first is seen to the right, which is the Manta Webbing Adapter or MWA and the other is the Pocket Shiv, to the left.


The MWA is a simple, yet dedicated means to mount a Manta strobe to PALS webbing or other standard webbing.


The Pocket Shiv started out as an internal project at S&S Precision by employees looking for a small, dedicated cutter. The decision was made to make it bad ass and the rest is history. The 440C blade’s design is based on utility use and features an over molded rubber grip. The sheathed also incorporates over molded rubber as well as a one-piece webbing adapter.


Samples are Toad Vine, Yellow, and Black.



Finally, it’s the SKH or Silent Killer Holster which as you can see was designed for use with a suppressor equipped pistol. Its open face holster design offers one handed operation via a simple button and a short draw. It also means a relatively simple reholster.





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7 Responses to “SHOT Show – S&S Precision”

  1. Lee Lanauco says:

    Anyone know the manufacturer of the carrier pictured in the third image down?

  2. KaosKydex says:

    Looks like an LBT

    • Lee Lanauco says:

      Agreed. Maybe a modified 6094K?

    • Mike says:

      Definitely an LBT carrier as multiple people pointed to it and referred to it as an LBT carrier. I think Janae did it in this video if memory serves. It’s a MAS grey 6094 for swim plates and it’s just the front panel. No cummerbund, shoulder straps, or rear plate pocket.

  3. KaosKydexSolutions says:

    Looks like a 6094 genII swimmers cut in MAS grey

  4. Manny F says:

    Robocop holster!

  5. Sean says:

    any idea if your are going to come out with a version of the SKH that will allow you to run the gun with a light?