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Industry Leaders, Merchant Services LTD, And Rainier Arms, Join Forces To Release 2A Friendly eCommerce Solutions

MIAMI, FL, January 15, 2014 – Merchant Services LTD (“MSL”), a Miami-based merchant services company processing over $14 billion in transactions a year, and Rainier Arms, a leader in the firearms community with their AR-15 products and online store, today announced the launch of their new collaborative project, “PayMeBaby”. PayMeBaby’s technology platform is used today to drive the PistolPay website (www.pistolpay.com) as well as an industry-first peer-to-peer exchange mobile app for firearms & accessories, called Revolvr (currently in closed beta).

PayMeBaby’s technology combines payment processing of all the major credit cards with a secure, third-party intermediary service (similar to escrow) to provide consumers in the firearm industry “peace of mind” when transacting high value items with other like-minded people all across the USA. PayMeBaby uses patent pending technology to deliver PCI compliant transactions to both the buyer and the seller with minimal risk of chargebacks, fraud, or otherwise.

The new partnership between MSLTD and Rainier Arms, is positioning PayMeBaby to become the premier payments technology platform for high value items and has targeted the firearms industry, with Rainier Arm’s commitment to the industry to furnish a responsive, modern payment service built from the ground up to serve 2A needs.

“I initially got involved with PayMeBaby to solve a major pain point in the industry. It’s about time that we have a peer-to-peer payment method that we don’t have to hide behind or hope that the product I bought is the one that I am receiving.” said John Hwang, Rainier Arm’s CEO and firearms marketing guru.

MSLTD’s involvement is key to the success of PayMeBaby as it brings payments experience and necessary financial compliance and security to the entire payment process. MSLTD was recently named by Inc Magazine’s INC 500 list as the 18th fastest growing private company in the United States.

“We are excited to team up with Rainier Arms on PayMeBaby. PistolPay has been specifically 2A friendly since we rolled it out 16 months ago, though we see an opportunity to improve and expand the technology with the guidance of experienced industry insiders. PayMeBaby is our effort to look at all of the amazing possibilities for the future of eCommerce in the Shooting Sports Industry. Ultimately, the goal is to examine everything we have learned with PistolPay and leverage those lessons with Rainier’s vast eCommerce experience to provide the best financial services to the industry and allow our projects and products to grow with the industry moving forward.” said Chapman Ducote, MSLTD’s CEO.

Look out for improvements to the PistolPay platform and the launch of Revolvr in the coming weeks.


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  1. Invictus says:

    Should partner with McMillan’s service as well. The more the better, when it seems the move to stifle gun ownership will come as piecemeal slow attrition on the side fronts, rather than sweeping legislation at the forefront.