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Extreme Gear Labs – modGATOR AK Chest Rig


The modGATOR is Extreme Gear Lab’s dedicated AK magazine chest rig. A variant of the GATOR 5 mag chest rig, the modGATOR differs from the GATOR in that the TQ attachment webbing from below the magazine pockets, zippered accessory pockets, and tearaway medical pouch is removed.

What’s left is a functional, lightened chest rig that can hold 5 AK-47/74 magazines, a general purpose pocket, STUFFIT pocket, and 6 pistol/multitool pockets. The general purpose pocket can hold an MS2000 strobe, 4″ dressing, and pocket signal banner. The STUFFIT pocket can lie flat or expand outward, accomodating up to M18 smoke cans, PRC148/152 radios, or X26 tasers. The pistol mag pockets are sized to accomodate up to Glock 21 mags. On either side of the magazine assemblies are skeletonized PALS to reduce weight while maintaining full capacity.


5 Responses to “Extreme Gear Labs – modGATOR AK Chest Rig”

  1. Dan says:

    Can someone tell what the setup for that AK is?

  2. david01 says:

    from memory with a little help from google….

    ultimak M1-B gas tube, venom tactical gas block, aimpoint micro t-1, possibly ultimak railed foreend, us palm grip, 40rd bulgarian magazine.

  3. eggroll says:

    Its a KREBS lower modular foreend with an Ultimak
    45 round RPK74 magazine
    Surefire MB556
    Rework done by Rifle Dynamics

  4. Cody Norman says:

    I’m looking at getting a rig like this, I like the HSP D3 but I’d like to have more mag pouches. I’d like for it to be built in one piece as well without the extra webbing on the sides like this one has, but still have the buckles attached to the sides so i can run it alone or on my PC. I mostly run 74’s, my Tula krink built by Jim over at RD and the Bulgy 74 I built in the RD/HSP build class. I’m currently on the market for a better 74 rig; I’ll definately be looking into EGL for my next rig!