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Sneak Peek – Auto Arsenal

King Auto Arsenal open
The Auto Arsenal from King’s Arsenal is a secure vehicle organization/storage system for your truck or SUV. Access to the drawers is via keypad combo or proximity card reader and each drawer will come with either Kryptek Highlander or Typhon foam dividers, pistol holders, mag pouches and rifle straps totally moveable via hook and loop Velcro. These will be offered for most truck and SUV models.


6 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Auto Arsenal”

  1. straps says:

    Camouflage dividers=trying too hard. Otherwise looks good.

    I would compare this with some of the other manufacturers that have been doing these systems for decades before committing fundage…

  2. Dellis says:

    I always looked at these hide-a-away safes as cool UNTIL your car/truck gets stolen.

    I would rather have my truck stolen than my truck PLUS my ar15, mags, ammo and back up handgun. So no thanks.

  3. Weekly Reader says:

    This needs some of those LaRue mag holders.