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Jesse James Firearms Unlimited – The Sandman Nomad Rifle


Designed as a tribute to the “Bring Back” wartime souvenir rifle, the Sandman rifle is a variant of the JJFU Nomad that is finished with KG Gun Kote and “authentically weathered for the Ultimate Battle Scarred finish.” Available in either 5.56 or .300 Blackout with a midlength 16″ barrel with a 1/8 twist, the Sandman features the distinct JJFU “Skelly” hand guard, grip, and pistol grip components. The upper and lower receivers are of JJFU-make, as is the needle bearing 2-stage trigger, Nickel Boron-coated Bolt Carrier Group, and Muzzle Brake. The charging handle is a Fortis hammer and the stock is a Magpul ACS.



35 Responses to “Jesse James Firearms Unlimited – The Sandman Nomad Rifle”

  1. Mobious says:

    So much for a “hand guard” that will get my fingers all snarled up in…

  2. Haji says:

    its not for me, but I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of ’em. I am a little curious about the two stage trigger design they have.

  3. Badjujuu says:

    Aaaannnnndddd it’s priced for Hollywood!

  4. Jon says:

    hahaha… sorry this is just too much of a joke…

  5. Davan says:

    I can’t get over the fact his company is called jjFU

  6. Trajan says:

    Oh boy, I was wondering when we would see “worn” firearms become a thing. Just like the Gibsons people pay an extra $1-2K for…

  7. joe_momma says:

    i see a lot of cut knuckles and twisted fingers if trying to “run n gun” by getting them caught

  8. CRH says:

    Of course they also had enough clarity to put the skeletonized fore grip right below the gas block on their skeletonized fore end and fingers burn off in a half a mag? Super functional design!

  9. thomas says:

    Can’t see them being worth the asking prices.

    • Badjujuu says:

      Yeah, well build you a rifle…. Charge you way over 3k….then we’ll beat the shit out of If so it’ll get that “worn out” battlefield look from the desert… I’m sure there is a costumer base for those type of things (I’m thinking Justin Bieber types or NFL players) but I’m also sure that majority of SSD reading subscribers won’t go for it.
      Ehh. 20+ years of CNC experience?

  10. Palehorse1 says:

    That looks like one of those “ghost guns” that I’ve been hearing about. California really is a scary place.

  11. DA says:

    Hey look at that, they made both a 1913(ish) and a KeyMod totally useless at 3- and 9-o’clock on that rail… Game changing, or game over?

    and for $4000, it better at least come with BUIS!

  12. Mike Nomad says:

    Practicality aside, it looks pretty lame without a skeletonized stock. Start with a B5, and get to whittlin’…

  13. Mike D says:

    The 2-Stage trigger looks to be COMPLETELY worn down…

  14. SGT Rock says:

    Wow. Just wow. :-/

  15. King Rat says:

    Stupid. For posers.

  16. Luke says:

    All sillyness aside, I would like to know how much that hangaurd weighs.

  17. joe_momma says:

    i don’t mind the finish myself…. i like it better than a brand new from the painter sold color, no texture…

  18. At least they used the best accessory attachment system… KEYMOD!

  19. Patrick says:

    Check out his “custom” firearms aha.

    The Red Jacket crew wanted to build a “Tactical Style” BAR, but Jesse had a different game plan.

    don’t mess with the classics boys.

  20. Caleb says:

    A healthy hundred-mile-an-hour-tape wrap wherever you put your hand would fix the hand snagging issue and probably add to the weathered look.

  21. Jeff from Omaha says:

    If I’m honest, I don’t have much respect for the whole faux bad-ass biker scene and I certainly would not stake my life or the lives of my brothers on a rifle Jesse James built.

  22. BradKAF308 says:

    Not even interested to pick it up, BUT. It would look cool in a comic book.

  23. rowan says:

    All it needs is the skeletonized lower from Aero Precision to complete the FOD ingress routes.

  24. Stefan S. says:

    JJ is a tool.

  25. Jon Meyer says:

    I would rather own a piece of trash Bushmaster than this thing. Firearms are not a damn pair of jeans; lose this “authentically weathered” garbage. The only way it would be “authentic” is if ones owner actually put it to some real use, not buy it that way.

  26. Josh says:

    Is this one for Elton John?

  27. Sean says:

    Just want to know who makes the foregrip??

  28. Luis says:

    I like just the pistol grip..can that be sold separate from the rifle? And not over priced? I cant get the rest from fortis mfg 🙂