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More On The Perseus ExoSkeleton Concept

That's some good trigger discipline

We recently published a brochure for the Perseus ExoSkeleton by concept artist Francis Goeltner. It was more art than science but that didn’t stop it from becoming quite popular with our readers. Since then Goeltner has released several new renderings of the conceptual Perseus which will give you a better look at what he is going after.

Once again, thanks to artist Ben Mauro for the tip!

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10 Responses to “More On The Perseus ExoSkeleton Concept”

  1. Kango says:

    Someone has been watching Elysium.

  2. Lcon says:

    a very practical take, although I think he should have included a Tyr Mico

  3. Mick says:

    Coincidentally, I read this article within a day of the original. Interesting perspective. Short answer: we don’t have batteries yet.

    • SSD says:

      agreed. power remains a serious issue.

      • matty says:

        I think it will be very interesting to see what answers they will come up with this. Maybe nuclear power cells? Or something in the Lithium Ion field? It’s frigging rad to be alive right now.

      • dilby says:

        I think DARPA has figured out how to make this work. However, the public just does not need to know about that ability just yet.

  4. TMedina says:

    Neat idea, but please test the damned thing in the field first – there are only so many UCP-level mistakes any one agency should be allowed to make.

  5. Mitchell Fuller says:

    Really neat until, like all technology, it runs out of power, then you have a burden, not an asset. Regarding exotic batteries for power, would like to see those….. Of course the Chinese will have already stolen the technology, bc we let them, by the time vunder batteries are fielded.

    How about KISS, lighten soldiers load and purchase combat effective rifle of higher caliber then current platform and while we are in wonderland issue a 9mm or 45 cal to forward deployed troops as a backup weapon.