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Combat Flip Flops’ CEO Joins Coalition For Afghan Democracy

In the spirit of the brands’ ‘Business, Not Bullets’ message, CEO and former Army Ranger Matthew Griffin supports free and fair elections in Afghanistan.

{Issaquah, WA} – Leading foreign policy experts, human and women’s rights advocates, voting rights watchdogs and prominent business leaders from Afghanistan and the United States have come together to launch the Coalition for Afghan Democracy, a not-for-profit organization committed to ensuring democratic governance in Afghanistan through free, fair and transparent elections this April. With Afghanistan’s presidential and provincial elections a little more than a month away, United States policymakers, the media and international human rights organizations will be watching closely. The Coalition is highlighting the need for April’s election to remain free from interference or tampering.

“If you ask me why I support Afghan democracy, it’s because I want my brothers and sisters in arms to know they made the world a better place,” said Matthew Griffin, “Griff”, CEO of Combat Flip Flops. “I hope our service men and women look at the brave Afghan men and women casting a vote to change their future—changing the world, and know they are able to do this because of their sacrifices. It’s my hope that this demonstration of independence provides a relief to our service members burdens. It does for me. I support free, fair, and transparent elections in Afghanistan.”
In addition to engaging the American public, foreign policy community and policymakers, the Coalition will actively work with civil society groups on the ground in Afghanistan who will have the most direct impact on the integrity of the election process.

“Conducting free and fair elections is a critical component of instilling a perception of confidence and legitimacy in the new Afghan government,” said Craig Smith, senior advisor to the Coalition with more than 25 years of experience developing and executing political strategies at all levels of government. “Having worked with numerous post-conflict elections, it is clear to me that the international community should work hard to ensure that the process is credible and fully supported. Policymakers should also make sure the current government prevents both domestic and international interference in the electoral result.”

“I can’t imagine what America would do if there was the threat of suicide bombers at polling stations,” said Griff. “What would happen if somebody left a note on your door saying they would cut off your finger if it was found covered in voting ink? Would we be brave enough to vote? Would we risk not coming home to our children because we decided to stand up for what we believe? Afghans will. They are willing and able to take that risk because of the blood, sweat, tears, and pain of U.S. service members, NGOs, and international diplomats. Many of us carry burdens delivered in Afghanistan and most days the weight never feels lighter. I ask myself if we carry these burdens in the way our grandparents did after World War II? Or were they able to let them go because they knew their sacrifice paid on multiple continents truly made the world a better place. They saved lives. They defeated evil. They changed the world.”

Through the Coalition for Afghan Democracy’s website (www.afghandemocracy.org), visitors are encouraged to take action and ask American policymakers to make every effort to ensure free, fair and transparent elections for the Afghan people.



7 Responses to “Combat Flip Flops’ CEO Joins Coalition For Afghan Democracy”

  1. orly? says:

    I’m not quite sure this would be that popular on this site.

  2. Black6ID says:

    Griff’s the perfect man to be representing this cause.

  3. Buckaroomedic says:

    “Free and fair”? Not going to happen. The WH and Joint Chiefs are already planning for a zero remaining troop level by the end of 2014. Not a day too early either.

  4. Strike-Hold says:

    I’m sure that Griff’s going to get a fair amount of flak from some people for this – but I say; more power to him!

    There’s no point in fighting the battles if you’re not going to win the peace.

  5. ODG says:

    Way to set the example bro- RLTW!

  6. .308 says:

    I am not sure that Afghani’s want “democracy”? I think they want to be left alone at this stage.

  7. Stefan S. says:

    Afghan Democracy? LMFAO. Good luck with that. How about trying to fix America’s anti-democracy government first!