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Emdom USA – Dragster Strap


Designed by Emdom USA in collaboration with MM from militarymorons.com, the Dragster Strap is designed as an ultra compact emergency drag/utility strap system to be worn on a rigger’s belt, war belt, or armor carrier. The primary purpose of the Dragster Strap is to assist in dragging a wounded or immobile person a short distance, away from immediate danger, although it can also be used as a general purpose strap.

The pouch dimensions come in at 4″ x 2.25″ x 1.75″. It can be mounted horizontally with the use of integrated Velcro straps, and vertically when using the included short MALICE clip. Also included is 1 ITW Web Dominator.

The drag strap itself is 6 feet long and is made from 1″ wide webbing. Loops at each end of the drag strap allow for attaching carabiners/snap links. The loops are secured and reinforced with 6 bartacks and 4 box stitches, and an ITW metal rounded oval slide at each end supplements the stitches as redundant back ups.

Available in the following colors and camos:

SDU Grey
Sewer Green

Additional custom colors:

3 Color Desert
Foliage Green
Navy Blue
Olive Green


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8 Responses to “Emdom USA – Dragster Strap”

  1. Kevin says:

    Didn’t Skedco do this a long time ago with the Kosmo MOUT lifeline?


    • MM says:

      yup – this is just a different execution of a pretty old idea, for those who want something more compact and shorter than the kosmo. you can emergency rappel with the kosmo; you can’t with the dragster strap. the dragster strap was introduced in 2010, by the way. IIRC, the kosmo came out around 2007 or so.

  2. Great product but it is not a new idea. Just wish the webbing was a little longer. All purpose do everything 1 inch tubular slings for Mountain Rescue Teams have traditionally been 9 footers with a water knot.

    • MM says:

      yup – it’s definitely not a new idea. compactness was the main consideration for this strap, hence the choice in length.

  3. BD says:

    So is EMDOM USA manufacturing in the USA now?

  4. James P says:

    Dang, thats pretty cool

  5. Griz says:

    I thought it was a Safety Restraint Tether from an Air Warrior at first glance.