CAA Tactical Is Providing Bipod Grips For The IDF


Reportedly, CAA Tactical has supplied thousands of bipod grips for the regular and reserve Infantry Corps of the IDF. The model or models provided aren’t specified, although the grips attach via Picatinny rail and are intended for the Tavor and M16 rifles currently in service with the IDF. The image above is of the BPP GRIP HD, one of CAA’s bipod grips of an aluminum and polymer construction.

According to Moshe Oz, the owner of CAA Tactical: “The use of the bipod grips will improve the level of marksmanship in the IDF significantly and at a low cost relatively to the expected improvement. The bipod grip is especially suited for infantry fighter and less for a designated marksman or a sniper due to the speed at which the bipods open, that allows faster shooting than with an ordinary bipod. We are currently participating in the tender for the sale of tens of thousands of bipod grips for a Western country.”

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13 Responses to “CAA Tactical Is Providing Bipod Grips For The IDF”

  1. reader says:

    Is this a gripod?

  2. Daniel says:

    We got issued these with the Micro Tavor (X-95) right out of the box. They are very durable, but rather heavy, which somewhat defeats the purpose of using a bullpup rifle. If you are looking for a fore grip with a built in bipod, you cannot go wrong with this system. Keep in mind that they make some noise when deploying the legs, so either use your hand, or your leg to help guide them out silently.

  3. GMK says:

    I’m tipping they’re bidding in Australia for L125-3C….

    It doesn’t fold though 🙁

  4. ODG says:

    Holy parasitic product! Hey grip pod WTF?

  5. Mike says:

    I realize that CAA is the cost-conscious option, but what happened to the IDF using FAB Defense products? Their TPOD is the shit; independently adjusting legs that are METAL, the option to rotate/pivot/QD based on model, slot for a tape switch, and it doesn’t explode like the Grip Pod class of bipod/grip combos.

  6. Scathsealgaire says:

    Umm…when did this site start advertising dildos? 😀

  7. Sean says:

    Well played.