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LifePods Survival Kits


LifePods is a survival kit currently up for funding on Indiegogo. The kit starts with a ‘basket’ woven from 80 feet of paracord, which can be utilized as needed. The kit also comes with:

– 11 in 1 multitool card
– Compass
– Fishing line w/hook
– LED Flashlight
– Foldable water bottle
– Mini carabiner
– Matches
– Plastic Bags

Additionally, LifePod is also benefiting Blood Water Mission, an organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water to the people in sub-Saharan Africa. Every LifePod surival kit sold goes to providing a full year of clean drinking water for two people.



6 Responses to “LifePods Survival Kits”

  1. Zach says:

    So, here’s what you get:

    1. About 80 ft of dummy cord = about $4
    2. A cheap button compass = $ .50
    3. Fishing line and a hook = $.10 (conservatively)
    4. A tiny generic LED flashlight = we’ll be nice and say $3
    5. A very cheap version of those plastic flat water bottles =$1 (I found a bulk supplier that would let you buy 25 for $12 online so actually $1 is way overvalued)
    6. A mini carabiner = $4 for a box of 25 assorted sizes
    7. Matches = lets go fancy and say $3
    8. A couple little plastic bags = $.25
    9. A little creditcard multitool (I’ve owned one for months, never found a good use for it once) = I got mine for $4

    So roughly $20 worth of stuff (give or take a couple bucks) and honestly that’s being VERY VERY kind. NONE of the items are quality material. NONE should be trusted in a personal survival situation.

    And your cost for this thing = $40 (and it doesn’t ship til June and then only IF they meet their goal)


    You could just make your own survival kit, with actual quality products for much less, and then give the money you saved directly to a charity like this (and I promise you, more of the percentage of cash will go to the charity if you give it yourself. These people will take a profit share)

    It’s this kind of gimmicky crap being put out by people with no understanding of real world survival needs that is destroying the survival world.

  2. Fox says:

    I was expecting a couple buttons, an extra pair of fake glasses, a wine cork, some rubber bands, two tickets stubs from a daft punk show, a copy of catch 22, and some Chap Stick.