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AKU Teams Up With Rampart International To Distribute Military And Tactical Boots In Canada

Montreal, Canada (March 10, 2014) – AKU, designer and manufacturer of high quality outdoor, tactical and military footwear has recently teamed up with Rampart International, Canada’s leading supplier of operational equipment to distribute AKU boots to military, special forces, law enforcement, and first responder operators in Canada.

“AKU’s tactical boot line represents the company’s legendary heritage of technology, quality and innovation. We are proud to offer our customers the same boots relied upon by some of the world’s most elite Special Forces groups and militaries,” said Mike Klein, president of Rampart International Corp. “AKU is Rampart’s first boot offering; we had been searching for a brand that complements our existing spectrum of the world’s finest operational equipment. We will have the complete line of tactical boots in stock shortly; ready to ship across Canada with our famous $10 flat rate shipping.”

AKU has been designing and manufacturing military boots for the Italian and Swiss armies for more than 50 years. Developed in conjunction with U.S. Navy Seals and other international military organizations, AKU’s tactical boots are lightweight, durable and responsive in situations where gear is crucial for survival, not just performance.

The following AKU tactical boots will now be available through Canadian retailers:

NS 564 (BOSCO & SPIDER) – The NS 564 boots are AKU’s original special ops styles and were designed in conjunction with the U.S Navy Seals. The construction of these boots guarantees their performance in extreme hot, cold, humid and dry environments. The rugged AIR 8000 synthetic upper makes them breathable, while the 360-degree abrasion-resistant rand minimizes wear and tear (the Spider features additional toe protection). The Vibram SWOT outsole with a flat area at the toe makes them ideal for climbing and scrambling on a variety of terrain. The moisture-wicking Sanifit lining keeps the foot dry and reduces blisters.

PILGRIM DS & GTX – AKU’s new Pilgrim tactical boots provide all-day comfort and improved impact absorption due to the anatomically-shaped Internal Midsole System. The Vibram sole keeps the foot low to the ground for maximum stability and contact with the terrain and features a toe spring to allow for a smooth and comfortable gate. The design of the upper features additional flex points around the ankle which is essential when driving or kneeling, and the padded cuff makes the boot fit more securely around the ankle. The Pilgrim DS is highly breathable and designed for dry, hot climates. The Pilgrim GTX features a Gore-Tex liner so it is ideally suited for wet, temperate climates.

KS LEIGHT GTX – Another classic military boot from AKU, the KS Leight GTX is constructed with a full-grain leather shaft combined with a breathable fabric with Gore-Tex lining.



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7 Responses to “AKU Teams Up With Rampart International To Distribute Military And Tactical Boots In Canada”

  1. Major Smoof says:

    Great news! They’ve been brining in quality stuff for a while (HSP, Mystery Ranch, etc)

    Saw these boots on an EX inthe UK and was very intrigued, but couldn’t find any to try on. I’ve been looking for an all arounder. Just have to decide whether or not to go with the GTX…

  2. Joe says:

    Hopefully we’ll be able to get the NS564 in North America again!

    • April Porter says:

      Hi Joe

      Procurement Specialists, LLC located in Virginia carries all the Aku military and LE boots as well. We have been selling the NS564 in the States for a little over 2 years now. Please give us a call 804-448-8250

  3. Mike Klein says:

    please let us know if there is a demand for the NS564? Most of the requests have been for pilgrim and spiders.. thank you!

    [email protected]

  4. Ron Dignard says:

    Like a Boss.