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FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Medical Gear

Each Friday, SSD takes a look at another facet of FirstSpear’s ever-growing line of clothing and equipment. This week we’ll check out a few new medical items including a pack and two IFAKs.

Medical Trauma Assault Pack

FS Med Pack Ready for Action

The Medical Trauma Assault Pack (MTAP), Thin Profile features a large zippered pocket allowing access to the contents. It also integrates the bungee attachment points to secure odd sized items as well as three “tear out” pockets which can be tossed to others providing aid. An easily accessed grab handle will allow the pack to be hung in vehicles or airframes.

FS Med Pack detail

Below are some shots of the TMAP from a couple different angles.

Ranger Med Pouch

FS Ranger Med Pouch Components

Ranger Med Pouch is a two-piece design with the insert completely removable from its carrying component. The insert is secured in place with a stretch hook closure that will remain secure through parachute, fast-rope operations etc. A hook and loop attachment point on the insert allows for indication patch or IFF. Hooks to gear via FirstSpear’s MOLLE-compatible 6/9 attachment system.

Below, you can see it closed and open.

Emergency Response Kit

FS ERK ready for action

The ERK is a low profile IFAK carrier made from softshell fabric that can be mounted to your gear so that the direction of pull is either up or down. A maritime resistant plastic snap provides additional security to the activation handle and when yanked, the insert (sold separately) is pulled free from the pouch.

Below, the ERK is displayed ready for carriage as well as how it deploys.

As always, here’s Ronnie Fowlkes to tell you all about them.

All are Made in USA and offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.


3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Medical Gear”

  1. doc_robalt says:

    Looks like another TSSI M9 adaptation, which is all fine and dandy, but there does not appear to be any body armor hook up, which was one of the M9’s main features that Medics loved.

    • SSD says:

      I know this is what their customer asked for and FS is working on a separate developmental project to interface with with Armor platforms.

  2. Will Romes says:

    Looks like more well thought out products from FS. They’re great folks that make great kit.