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Platatac – Soldier Integrated Combat Cobra (SICC) Belt In PenCott Patterns


Platatac is offering their Soldier integrated Combat Cobra belt in PenCott patterns for a limited time – less than 15 belts of each color and size are available for purchase. Manufactured from MILSPEC high breaking strain para tape and tube tape, and featuring a single row of PALS webbing and an aluminum Cobra Buckle, the SICC is great for running a pistol holster and mag pouches, multiple utility pouches for general use, or just holding up a pair of pants. It’s also compatible with a padded first line belt such as Platatac’s Young Gun Belt or 3S Belt.

Made in Australia. Available in PenCott BadLands and GreenZone.

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18 Responses to “Platatac – Soldier Integrated Combat Cobra (SICC) Belt In PenCott Patterns”

    • threeseven says:

      Yeah they’ve been around for a while, mate. May come as a surprise to you that you don’t have an intellectual monopoly on a strap that clips together and holds your pants up.

      • Just an observation really. Not too long ago on here we got badly slated for “copying” the design of a helmet cover 🙂

        • sww says:

          Actually, Platatac’s was availlable long before yours IA.

          Trolling news shouldn’t be the way to go for a gear manufacturer.

        • threeseven says:

          Leave the accusations of IP theft to the gear fanboys who don’t know the origins of or reasoning behind various products and just want to gob off on the Internet. I’m not having a go at you, but as a manufacturer with a vested interest it would be more professional if you kept those sort of observations to yourself.

    • GW says:

      Not sure if you realize, but they have been making sicc belts for years.

    • PLATATAC says:

      Hello Intelligent Armour, Not sure if you realise but this belt has been around since 2008/09 and was a part of an ADF tender. I believe you saw this Belt at DSEI, however it looks like you released yours in 2012. We’re not into pissing competitions but next time before you speak out and embarrass yourselves…check your facts first.

    • Ryan says:

      Very poor form IA. Not only did you drop into the very lame world of online bickering (an aspect of the internet a product provider should never, ever compete in), you managed to end up being corrected by those you accuse.

      I have no doubt such actions will not be forgotten.

      • Ryan, I made an apology at 23:24. It’s an honest mistake I have never seen the Platatac belt before nor have I seen reference to it on any websites.

        I did make a mistake and I have manned up and said so. I am also going to send Ben a bottle of whisky, as per my post as 23:24.

  1. Ben says:

    I wonder if these are supposed to fit their Dax MkII pants. I’ve got a pair and a belt that’s a tad thinner and I have a hell of a time getting the belt to run smoothly under the loops.

  2. Aaron says:

    Would be kind of cool to have without the PALS and if they sell out I hope they’re available later.

  3. Jim L. says:

    Are they available in Highlander, Typhon or Mandrake?

  4. In that case Ben I owe you a bottle of whisky 🙂

  5. Eddie says:

    Looks similar to the Tyr Tactical Gunfighter belt. The Tyr belt has 2 rows of webbing, which secures pouches a lot better than only 1 row