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Bawaidamann Introduces Denlinger Magazine Carrier

Previously, Bawidamann introduced the Horizontal Appendix Carry Mag Carrier, AKA the Chris Marshall. Now, he has unveiled the Denlinger Magazine Carrier.

Denlinger mag pouch

Manufactured from .09 Black Boltoron, these are hand formed pouches. They are designed to fit both 1.5″/1.75″ belts thanks to the attachment system which may look familiar to those of you who use the PALS Universal Platform. This attachment consists of Dupont ST801 Nylon with a PULL THE DOT Snap to allow for simple adjustments. You don’t have to take your belt off to mount the pouch. Although, Bawidamann did mention that the PULL THE DOT Snaps are tough to break in.

Denlinger connected

In addition to the innovative attachment system, the Denlinger can be connected one to another.

Denlinger attachment

Currently available for the single stack 1911, GLOCK 9/40 and M&P 9/40.

For a limited time, Bawidamann has been generous enough to offer a discount code “PBRSTREETGANG” which gives 15% off. This offer only applies to magazine carriers and MOLLE platforms only. Offer good thru April 15th.


3 Responses to “Bawaidamann Introduces Denlinger Magazine Carrier”

  1. FLC says:

    PBR Streetgang…
    Awesome “Apocalypse Now” reference…..

    This is All mighty…

  2. Bill says:

    Beat me to it

    Every time the opportunity arises and someone’s asks who is in charge, my stock response is “ain’t you?” And if I can find a girl who can balance on a pencil-barrel M16, maybe laid between two bar stools, I’m marrying her.