SIG SAUER - Never Settle – Improvised Electronics: Counter-IED Blast Simulator Training


This week’s post from covers Improvised Electronics, a new entrant in the counter-IED market. Headed by a former U.S. Navy Electronics Technician, Improvised Electronics is a small, Destin, Florida-based company that produces counter-IED training hardware and programs. Their product offerings include advanced propane/oxygen blast simulators capable of exceeding 130 decibels when detonated that can be triggered from beyond 1000 meters.

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One Response to “ – Improvised Electronics: Counter-IED Blast Simulator Training”

  1. PbLead says:

    Meh, we already have propane sims. We actually have pyros we like to use in lieu of buzzers. They actually surprise you with a nice loud bang without all the frag and the big bulky setup of propane sims.