Slumberjack Becomes SJK Tactical Hunting Gear, Sets Sights On The Hunting Market With New Product Offering For 2014

Partnering with camouflage supplier Kryptek®, SJK Tactical Hunting Gear introduces a complete line of hunt-specific packs and tree stand cloaks

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) – After 57 years designing and developing outdoor gear for outdoor enthusiasts, Slumberjack is evolving, changing names, and setting its sights on the tactical hunting market. Launching for 2014, the new SJK Tactical Hunting Gear brand will offer a complete line of Kryptek® camouflage packs and tree stand bags designed specifically to give hunters a tactical edge on any hunt.

SJK Tactical Hunting Gear’s new for fall 2014 line appeals to an emerging market of tactical hunters, introducing cutting edge features and functionality into every product. Lightweight materials, durable construction, cutting edge Kryptek® camouflage, and an extensive amount of input from our professional hunting guide partners at Outback Outdoors, combine to create some of the most advanced equipment available.

“The hunting community is rapidly evolving, moving towards a more tactical approach to their outdoor experience, and we are leaders in this trend, addressing the needs of the emerging market with cutting edge equipment,” said Russell Rowell, Vice President of SJK Tactical Hunting Gear. “Our shift from Slumberjack to SJK Tactical Hunting meets the needs of the new tactical hunting customer with products that feature materials and technology designed specifically for the modern hunter.”

The SJK Tactical Hunting line includes five new tactical packs, ranging in size from the essentials-only Flush 750 waist pack up to the fully-featured Bounty 4500. The Bounty is a 74-liter pack featuring an expandable/detachable load-carry system that allows a game bag or other gear to be carried close to the body for better load support, a detachable day pack with organizational pockets for quick trips away from camp, and a built-in rifle shooting platform to help stabilize the shot. Remove the entire pack bag and use the frame separately to create a highly versatile carry platform for larger loads.

Designed to offer protection from the elements and the freedom to stay mobile on the hunt or around camp, the SJK Thermal Cloak tree stand bag provides all-day warmth and comfort for cold, wet, stoic hours on the hunt. Tactical hood features keep your peripheral vision and hearing sharp so you can see and hear approaching game. Quiet, weather-ready fabrics repel wind, rain, and snow while 160g of synthetic insulation helps keep you warm all day. The foot of the bag is long enough to cover boots yet open, allowing you to feel the edges of your tree stand to ensure proper footing. Large, self-sealing (via magnets) arm ports allow you to silently move into bow or rifle shooting position.


4 Responses to “Slumberjack Becomes SJK Tactical Hunting Gear, Sets Sights On The Hunting Market With New Product Offering For 2014”

  1. Invictus says:

    That layout is really similar to Beyond’s new site, is there a correlation somewhere?

  2. Exploriment says:

    Whatever else this means, I’m sorry to see the name Slumberjack disappear. Always thought that was very clever.

    SJK Tactical sounds like a whole bunch of other companies out there.

    • Timmay says:

      Same thought here, plus some folks are gonna pass on it because it says “Tactical” on it.