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Live Fire Gear – 550 FireCord On Kickstarter


550 FireCord is a project currently up for funding on Kickstarter. It consists of 550 paracord with the inner core replaced with a composite that functions as an fire starting material.

FireCord is completely functional in all the same ways that standard 550 paracord is: it can be made into lanyards and zipper pulls, used as a survival material, etc. While the composite is encased in the paracord sleeve, FireCord is no more volatile than traditional paracord. Outside of the sleeve, the composite ignites with ease, burns very hot, features a long burn time for its volume, and is completely waterproof. Of course, the paracord sleeve is still functional even after the composite core is removed.

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7 Responses to “Live Fire Gear – 550 FireCord On Kickstarter”

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve been following this because for years I’ve been subscribed to the YouTube channel Equip2Endure and they are the ones that developed this project. Lots of good information on that channel. I recommend you check it out. They specialize in gear reviews, discussions, gear tests, a few instructionals, and they do teach a survival/primitive skills school. Their forums are also a great place for info. I enjoy how they aren’t one to really fall into the hype, which can be hard to find sometimes.

  2. patrulje says:

    I looked at this and thought, great, fuse for the next shoe bomber.

  3. wales says:

    Cool concept, but this already exists over at ITS tactical…just saying. The waterproof aspect does look nice though.

  4. Luke says:

    By “no less volatile” I assume you can still melt the ends of your p-cord? If so kudoes for good thinking.