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Warrior West -TEA Headsets – INVISIO V60-HYBRID System

One of the other things that caught my eye in the TEA booth is the new INVISIO V60-HYBRID System.


Designed for extreme high noise environments, the heart of this mic is a new INVISIO V60 Control with a built-in wireless module that allows users to remotely transmit on up to 2 different channels from the rail of their weapon. The V60 provides the capability of simultaneously connecting 3 different com sources (or up to 4 independant channels) and is compatibile with practically any type of 2-way radio (including the new Rifleman and MBITR2 radios), vehicle/aircraft/watercraft ICS, mobile phones or smart devices, tablets, etc.

It’s considered a hybrid design because it utilizes the INVISIO X5 dual in-ear headset with hear pro and enhanced situation awareness combined with the TEA Hybrid Rail/Lapel Mounted High Performance Boom Microphone. When connected the Hybrid Rail Boom (HRB) becomes the primary microphone for all transmissions and the advanced split audio is received in the X5 in-ear headset. The HRB utilizes a rugged high performance/noise canceling boom microphone which provides ultimate voice clarity in the most extreme high noise environments users are exposed to while operating, such as rotary wing aircraft, watercrafts or ATV’s. The rigid but flexible boom stays in place even during free fall or when exposed to high airspeeds.


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