Warrior West – LBT Inc Unveils Mission Adaptive Panel System


LBT has been working on this new modular armor carrier and bag system for several months and every once in awhile something will pop up about it but this is the first time that the Mission Adaptive Panel System has been shown publicly.


Right now, it consists of a weapon bag, plate carrier and several Mission Adaptive Panels. These graphics from LBT gives you a good idea of what we’re talking here.



One thing that I thought was cool is that one of the panels incorporates the S&S Precision Skeletonized Magazine Retention And Baseplate.


This is another one of the panels which incorporates rifle and pistol magazine pouches. The pistol magazine pouches feature Kydex inserts.


The MAPs can be attached via a hook and loop and SR buckle combination to the carrier or the weapon pack. Additionally, the interior of the weapon pack (seen above) is lined with pile tape to accept a wide variety of accessories.

So far, the reception has been great here at Warrior West. In production now from LBT Inc.

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10 Responses to “Warrior West – LBT Inc Unveils Mission Adaptive Panel System”

  1. RSS Feed says:

    Suddenly I crave TACOs…

  2. ODG says:

    Thats a great looking Beyond Axios Jacket under that plate carrier!

  3. BCP says:

    How is this different (with the S&S Precision exception) than what Velocity / Mayflower have been doing…it looks identical?

  4. Felix says:

    Mayflower was also my first thought. Perhaps because its almost a 1:1 copy oft the SwiftClip system.

    Cheers, Felix

  5. Padawan says:

    It’s not really like the Swift Clip setup, because that uses four buckles to attach chest rigs directly to armor, removing the need for straps.

    This is essentially a cummerbund flap that is not sewn onto the carrier at the top, instead attaching with buckles. However, it is very much like Mayflower’s new “plackard” system (which was only released this year). (The plackards are designed to attach on top of the cummerbund flap of the carrier though, not to replace it)

    MAPS also allows you to go from Slick to standard 6094 with a cummerbund and front flap swap.

    And honestly, there are only so many ways you can make a quickly interchangeable front panel.

    • Evergreen says:

      True, however Mayflower is already running a system just like this with different ‘placards’ that are essentially the same as these panels, but with small utility pouches on them.

      Having said that, the idea of the LBT and Mayflower PC’s and Panels being interchangeable with one another would be really cool and offer the customers a really wide variety…truly meeting the intended purpose of ‘adaptive’ gear

      • Evergreen says:

        …and like an idiot i realize too late that i just re-stated part of what you just said.
        Point is…put the two brands together and it should be awesome.

  6. Kris says:

    I want that rifle bag so bad. I may be a little slow but I can not find it in the LBT website.

  7. TheMirage says:

    I had the covert bag and it didn’t fit my 16″ AR with BEMeyers FH. I sure hope this bag differs.

    He’s always showing it with a Lantac Dragon and it’s the same length as the BE Meyers (2.75″) so it should fit.

  8. norm says:

    Looks like only a elastic cummberbund wonder if they’ll so sort of light weight molle versions later