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Update From The Field: NEMO’s Targa SE Mobility Bag As Part Of The PEPSE Kit

This is an announcement from NEMO Equipment regarding the recent fielding of their Targa SE as part of the US Navy SEAL PEPSE kit and the feedback they’ve received during its use.


Late last year, it was announced that NEMO’s Targa SE tactical mobility sleep system would join the brand’s Coda 1.5P SE AirSupported shelter as part of the SEAL’s PEPSE Kit. With product delivered and fielded in January, NEMO followed up with Naval Special Warfare’s R&D Manager of Cold Weather and Mountain Survivability Systems, John Barklow, to see how the bags are performing.


Targa SE was developed with testing and feedback from NSW. Designed specifically for cold weather, Targa SE allows the operator to live and work out of the bag, wearing his load bearing gear as required during tactical cold weather operations. The bag, rated to 40 degrees on its own, is designed to keep the operator warm to near zero temperatures when worn in conjunction with the issued layering system. A jacket style center zip allows easy access to essential chest gear; a drawstring closure at the foot allows the lower leg portion to be lifted and cinched for movement; the waist drawstring can be cinched to configure the bag like a parka; and a stowable, insulated hood, wind collar, and redundant center snaps ensure versatility and warmth.

Recent reports from Kodiak state that the bags have been performing well and when integrated with issued clothing and supporting gear, have been successfully used in temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


“Targa SE is the most functional and efficient sleeping bag that has ever been fielded to SOF. The design process consisted of building the sleeping bag around an operator wearing standardized issued gear and the limitations inherent with that gear, such as limited range of motion and oversized torsos,” said John Barklow.

The Berry Compliant Targa SE is currently offered in Coyote color, MultiCam and Kryptek Yeti, filled with PrimaLoft synthetic insulation. For sales inquiries, please contact Cam Brensinger at cam@nemoequipment.com.



12 Responses to “Update From The Field: NEMO’s Targa SE Mobility Bag As Part Of The PEPSE Kit”

  1. Red says:

    Sounds like it works, but wow that guy does NOT look like he is having a good time haha

  2. stefan S, says:

    They let NSW sleep? LOL!

  3. JES says:

    I think they used to call these “overcoats.”

  4. TM says:

    Tactical Snuggy…

  5. Sgt E says:

    I love the look on the guy’s face…

  6. Luke says:

    Hardly a new invention (Exped wallcreeper/dreamwalker anyone? I know I’ve seen a few other versions around) but hopefully a refinement. Truly a concept that deserves further exploration.

  7. Luke says:

    *Bluewater defense is the other mobility bag I saw.

    this is the first half-zip one I’ve seen though (disregarding that horrible hipster-wannabe Exped-ripoff Poler Napsack) so it is doing something new.

  8. threeseven says:

    That guy looks like someone took a dump in the bag before he put it on

  9. Reverend says:

    “I woke up this morning, said my prayers, ate my breakfast, thinking ‘today is gonna be a good day’, but no… my boss said ‘Wear this! This is awesome! It’s a sleeping bag you WEAR all day!’ Has he never heard of a parka? Why did I accept this position? I could have sold insurance for my brother-in-law. He doesn’t have to wear sleeping bags, he just wears ugly duck ties.” -Thoughts in the head of the guy modelling the “Targa SE Mobility Bag”.