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LBX Combatives

LBX Tactical – in association with former Navy SEAL Dom Raso of Dynamis Alliance – has created a line of LBX combatives. Boxing gloves, protective gear, and other products have been created for the line, all made in the USA with a lifetime manufactures warranty.

The entire line is currently available on the LBX Tactical website: lbxtactical.com/collections/combatives

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4 Responses to “LBX Combatives”

  1. Joe says:

    Doesn’t look like they didn’t their market research before they did their pricing.

    $252 for boxing gloves? Do they really think their Logo is THAT valuable and prestigious?

    At the prices their showing, the only one who will spar with their gear is Tony Stark.

  2. Bill says:

    I missed a memo: who is LBX and is there a relationship with LBT?

    As for combatives gear, that’s a market that was deeply flooded with the impact of MMA. They have miles of catching up to do, and need to look at the product and pricing structure of companies like Century and Title and all the other manufacturers and distributors out there.

    It’s a bizarre athletic field where the T-shirt you wear to show what a badass you are can cost way more than the gear you wear in the ring.

    And let’s not go all Berry Amendment just yet: our grappling dummies were stuffed full of Mexican newspapers and magazines, and imagine what a steel cup with leather straps would take to get made in the USA. Now THAT would be a Kickstarter project.

    • SSD says:

      LBX is an offshoot of LBT. The products are generally assembled in South America from US made raw goods. In this case, the combatives are made in the USA.